This T-Shirt Will Give You Nightmares

This T-Shirt Will Give You Nightmares

Eek! Schoolgirl anime K-On!‘s latest t-shirt looks more like some horrible moé monster, appearing in a dark dungeon in some Japanese role-playing game.

In related K-On! news, the anime’s feature film was just nominated for a Japanese Academy Award. Do any of the producers dare wear this shirt to the ceremony? Does anyone at all dare wear it at all?

新発売される『けいおん!!』のフルカラーTシャツがカオスwww 完全にモンスター! [オレ的]


  • in b4 ‘why on kotaku’ ‘ashcroft die’ etc

    I’m kind of glad I’ve let the K-on hype train pass me by. WIth the new Berserk movie coming lets see a version of that shirt with Griffith or Guts on it and I’ll nominate myself to be the crazy guy who wears it.

  • What does this have to do with vidya gaems!!!11!

    I mean the name of the Site is Kotaku clearly referencing Otaku which according to wikipedia means: a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime,manga or video games.

    oh well, I still hate you Bashcraft. . .

  • Brian for someone that lives in japan you sure don’t know much about what fucked up shit people will wear in public. Also this shirt isn’t that bad. it’s poorly designed, much like everything you write about.

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