Vote For The Most Frustrating Gaming Situations

Vote For The Most Frustrating Gaming Situations

Video game humour site Dorkly is currently holding a competition to determine the most frustrating gaming situation of them all. Are we going to let “Accidentally hitting yes when an NPC asks you to repeat the entire conversation” beat out “Dying when you haven’t saved?”

I don’t know, I think the voters are right on with that first one. “Accidentally hitting yes” is currently at the top of the list of some 106 different gaming annoyances, including favourites like “Escort Missions”, “Over-Encumbered” and “Running out of inventory slots”. I’m getting angry just thinking about them.

To make your voice heard (and for a fun trip down memory lane), head over to Dorkly and click through the voting process, consisting of 53 different frustration match-ups. It’s the “Am I Hot or Not” of video game annoyances.

The Most Frustrating Situations in Games [Dorkly]


  • Is there one for “Coming home to find your little brothers moronic friend sitting at in your room and asking you if it’s ok that he deleted your savegame so he could start a new game and save his progress.”….?

    Cause there should be…

  • I am catching up on Resident Evil 4, and got to the part where you find Ashley last night. Once the game showed me the controls of how to ask her to wait or follow and told me it was game over if she died, I thought, “Are you KIDDING me??” Really hope this part doesn’t go on too long. It’s not the rest of the game, is it..?

    And I can’t believe it, but VVVVVV has an escort mission too! I stopped playing it a soon as I got to that part, I hate them so much.

    • She gets script-kidnapped for part of it, but you’re stuck with her for most of the rest of the game. You also have to play as her for a short segment (like 10 minutes or so?) It’s still a great game though. Which console are you playing it on?

  • I find that a poorly timed save destroys a game for me. To this I developed a habit of using sequential saves.
    Unskippable / repeated cut scenes I don’t find that annoying. Escort missions suck if either the NPC is a raging idiot running into battle or a complete pansy who just stands there taking damage and crying.

    • Why don’t Nintendo/developers in that era have save game features? blows my mind. Clocking everything single thing in Ocarina of Time and then loosing the save.

  • I don’t get the rage over Water Levels most i’ve played were tolerable (even the spike infested Bubbleman stage xD)…. the only exception is unless we’re talking about the ones from the American McGee’s Alice…

    Lets compound terrible controls w/ horrible camera angles messing up where your going and what your knifinfg.. and forcing you to climb back up for air when your getting your ass chewed by monsters. Always good fun! =P

    That being said… i find Ice stages more annoying xD

  • Poorly scripted Companions are the worst.
    When I was playing Skyrim having your stupid companion do a LEEROY JENKINS!!! while your trying to sneak up and kill enemy one at a time was a real DOH moment.
    Even if you tell them to wait back away from the enemy as soon as you lure one enemy away and fight it the stupid NPC compaion rushes in and starts laying into all the others :/

    Having said that I still rate dying without save as the worst. It can kill a game for me as I have to trudge back and do the same shit over again.

  • I’ve been playing Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams and it has reminded men of how much I hate any RPG (or RPG style game) that basically says: “You can do this and this and upgrade that” and then you do and a few levels later “Lol you dumbass you should have put all your points in that other thing, too bad all enemies are super-tough now!”

  • One not in game related is having a mate over for an xbox night and having both your charge an play packs die… And you only have one cord and no batteries. Fail.

  • There has to be

    ‘Finding a fork in the road, taking one route then being unable to explore the other route.’

    Being a perfectionist, its annoying to have that occur. Happened in Bastion quite a few times :[

  • Extremely long unskippable cinematic right before a really hard boss fight, during which you are unable to save (forcing you tediously sit through it over and over again each time you die).

    Nothing tops this for me.

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