Activision Removes French Games Journalists From Alleged Blacklist

Remember that purported Activision blacklisting of French website Gameblog that had everyone up in arms over the weekend? And that comment by Activision that said everything was just a big misunderstanding?

Well, whatever that misunderstanding was, it's been cleared up. Gameblog reported that they received a call today that effectively resumes communications with Activision. Editor-in-chief Grégory Szriftgiser sent Kotaku the English translation of this post, which announces the re-establishment of relations:

Following the events that shook our columns those past few days, which Activision USA refered to as a "misunderstanding" they were working on to "resolve", Activision France contacted us by phone to tell us that they wanted "to work again" with Gameblog and were "glad" to do so.

They made clear that they wanted to resume everything that was severed past friday, including the sending of the games, attendance to the publisher's events, and the contacts between their media agency and our advertisement agency.

Gameblog is obviously glad of the decision Activision took to come back on its original position, and hopes that this kind of situation will not happen again, to anyone."

We're still not clear on what exactly that the misunderstanding was here, though, and have reached out to find more.


    "The negative publicity is hurting us more than it's worth to maintain our corporate censorship in this case"
    "Okay, undo the blacklisting but don't admit fault."

    Moving right along

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Oh no... I might go cry now!

      Just do an watch Inglourious Basterds -

        man, typing fail today... "Just go and"

    oggob, dont worry what a family guy fan says, they aren't too clever.

    I reckon its a bingo, sounds like mario. Its a me bingo!

      lol, I know he's just trolling... but I'm also a Family Guy fan... what are you trying to say about me then huh!?! :p

    We're Activision, and we only give 0.10 of a fuck, but we want to maximize our profit with the French nation, so we sent in a bullshit apology.

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