BioWare Trio Leave To Make A Strategy...RPG...Thing

Arnie Jorgensen, Alex Thomas and John Watson just spent over five years working on Star Wars: The Old Republic at BioWare. After which the perfect palette-cleanser seems to be leaving the studio to make their own game.

That game is The Banner Saga, which the trio's studio Stoic describes as "role-playing meets turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings."

What catches the eye right away is the game's beautiful art style, which looks like it will actually carry right on through into the finished product, as Banner Saga's "animated film" characters are "painstakingly hand-animated".

It's "coming soon".

The Banner Saga [Official Site]


    A coder and two art guys, one of which has some writing experience in cartoons from what I can tell. Don't know how RPG it'll be without a game-writer, but the hand drawn aspect sounds interesting. The screenshot reminds me of a game from.. oh my, nearly a decade ago. Side scroller turn based rpg, kind of steam-punk western meets final fantasy feel to it. Gameplay from that was fun enough I still try to find it despite having no idea of it's name.

      Side scrolling turn based RPG with steam punk/western/final fantasy? What is this magical game you speak of? Please remember... for my sake!
      Also this art is amazing.

    This article just doesn't feel complete without Cheesus coming in and complaining. Where is that guy?

    Why is the viking guy missing his seax? If he can afford an axe, he should have a seax. Apart from it being a handy weapon in a fight, it's a good tool.

    Looks a little like "Swords and Soldiers", which is neat and should be played by all.

    Are we talking "real" Bioware or Mythic or some other studio EA just slapped the Bioware labell onto?

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