Game Characters Embarrassing Themselves On Facebook

Mario is a boozehound. Luigi loves photo bombs. Peach is vain. Some of gaming's greatest characters get classic (and clever) Facebook pic parodies.

It's not just Nintendo characters getting in on the act. There is Metal Gear Solid's Snake, whose military pic I saw coming. While not embarrassing, Nathan Drake's family photo is definitely revealing.

Another revelation: I had no idea that Fox McCloud was such a hipster dickwad. Who knew!

More phony Facebook photos in the link below. Be sure to read the comments under each photo. They're a hoot.

Facebook des héros de jeux vidéos [Retro Nouveau]


    Top quality stuff. Someone give Ashcraft a Pulizter.

      Everyone's a critic.

      Allow me to be the first to offer you my sympathy. I'm sorry that this article doesn't stand up to your lofty expectations.

      Maybe Brian is still working on his world shaking piece on the government placing subliminal messages in video games. Perhaps he is deep undercover in Nintendo, investigating rumours of a connection between Mario and the second coming of Hitler.

      Perhaps it's neither of these things, and this is just a fun article, that some people might find amusing.

        Nothing world shaking here. All of these posted at the same time, none of them video games. Except this one, but apparently its old news?

    Makes me glad I am not on FB!

    Another slow news day I see.

    So many of these 'articles' are simply pics from Facebook.

    I can use Facebook, can I have a job?

    I would like to issue a challenge to any of the naysayers, write something you think people would like to read. It has to be 'real news' of course, seeing as these 'hurr reposts' and 'slow news day pieces' apparently aren't any good.

    The fact of the matter is, without these smaller, 'odd spot' pieces, there would be nothing to post. Our industry doesnt always have a million big newsworthy stories going on. These little tidbits serve as a glimpse into some of the interesting, albeit not headline making events.

      I don't write for a living so am therefore unlikely to put something together that you'd want to read.

      My issue here is that the majority of the posts that we get from some writers are simply one liners or just pictures.

      I don't have anything against posts like this, it'd just be nice if they were also backed up with some decent, fleshed out content too.

      Never criticised a movie or a book or tv show? How about an actor or actress or director? An athlete or sports team? If you have then I challenge you to do better in each respective field...

        I'd be lying if I said I'd never criticized anything. However, I try to justify my criticisms by explaining what I thought the shortcomings in question were, and speculating on a possible remedy.

        While, I will concede that this is still me being critical, atleast I make an effort to justify myself.

        I think it's interesting that a lot of the criticisms of the Kotaku US writers making one line posts that lack substance, are in the form of one line posts that lack substance.

          You don't need to write an essay to point out that these people are getting paid as journalists and are doing little more than reposting other people's content with words better suited to a twitter post than a news article.

            No, but apparently we do need to flog the same dead horse over and over again every time one of these type of articles is posted.

            We get it. Some people arent into it. Do we have to hear about it every day?

              Do we have to see these posts everyday? It goes both ways.

                If you are frequently dissapointed by certain authors posts. Check who is the author of a post before clicking on the link. Avoid clicking on posts created by said authors.


                  Or, try reading the headline before you click on an article? Surely you're (and I mean Chazz et al.) deliberately clicking through to an article you're not even interested in reading just to post a complaint about said article... The beauty of the Internet is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO, and you don't pay for any of it anyway, so you have no right to whine every time you see something you don't like.

    love it. Ignore the super critical dickwads

    "I think it’s interesting that a lot of the criticisms of the Kotaku US writers making one line posts that lack substance, are in the form of one line posts that lack substance."


    To be honest the reason I don't like these types of articles on kotaku is because I see most of them on Reddit a week prior. I come to kotaku for news and I'm actually finding better websites for that. For me kotaku needs a feature similar to reddits sub-reddit feature that means we can go onto kotaku and have our account settings determine what we see. You only want to see ps3 news thats what you'll see, you want to see articles about gaming culture and gaming related humor thats what you'll see. At the moment its a bit of an ungainly beast that tries to do everything but presents it in a very poor way.

    With that daunting wall of debate above me, all I have to say is:

    At least it's video game related.

      In addendum: Probably the best Ashcraft article in recent times?

    wow its about gaming................FACEBOOK IS GAY

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