Indie Darling Gravity Bone Gets A Sequel

Indie Darling Gravity Bone Gets A Sequel

Gravity Bone, a free PC story-game made by Atom Zombie Smasher and Flotilla developers Blendo Games, is getting a sequel called Thirty Flights of Loving.

The game has been funded via a highly successful Kickstarter joint Kickstarter campaign organised by the guys behind Idle Thumbs, the very cool, currently not-operational podcast.

Thirty Flights of Loving will feature a soundtrack by one of Idle Thumbs‘ hosts, Chris Remo, and those who pledge $US30 to the Kickstarter will get a guaranteed copy of the game. In the trailer above, you can get a good sense of the game’s funky vibe, as well as some special Idle Thumbs comedy that will make its way into the game.

And hey, no reason not to head over to Blendo’s site and play Gravity Bone for free! I’ve heard such good things about it and I haven’t even played it. Time to remedy that, methinks.

Idle Thumbs Podcast/Thirty Flights of Loving [Kickstarter]

Blendo Games [Official Site]

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