It’s Official: Clicking On Cows Is A "Thing"

It’s Official: Clicking On Cows Is A "Thing"

Every day, more evidence that Ian Bogost’s satirical game-turned-real-game-turned-ironic sensation Cow Clicker has become a bona fide sensation. Take the case of the startup “Wander,” which has no real product or service… at all… and yet has registered over 10,000 users.

How have they done this? Why, by having their users click a cow, of course! The site has a small built-in game that encourages users to help promote the company to rack up “points,” which of course are basically meaningless. And in addition to that, users can even click a cow in the bottom of the screen to get more points. Who doesn’t love points?

Mashable asked Bogost his thoughts on the game. “There’s something pleasurable about clicking a cow,” he said. “It’s very strange. Don’t ask me why. Of course, they’re also participating in what is now apparently a kind of cultural experience, cow clicking.”

I don’t know why either, but there really is something pleasurable about clicking a cow. How much farther can this thing go? God only knows.

For an in-depth look at the whole Cow Clicker phenomenon, be sure to check out Leigh Alexander’s fantastic Kotaku feature.

Startup Has No Product, Gets 10,000 Users With Cow Clicker Game [Mashable]


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