Curious? You Can Blow $10,000 On This In-Game Clicker

Curious? You Can Blow $10,000 On This In-Game Clicker

Game designer Peter Molyneux is launching a series of video game experiments. The first one is called “Curiosity”, and it has players chip away at a black cube to see the “truly amazing, absolutely unique” object inside. Molyneux is even offering a US$77,000 downloadable tool to help chip away at the cube.

Even though “Curiosity” isn’t out yet, game designer and academic Ian Bogost was curious to see how it would work in real life — or rather, his game Cow Clicker, which is a biting parody of social games. Bogost’s diamond encrusted clicker is a cool $US10,000.

That’s right, by offering his own deconstructive satirist take on Molyneux’s upcoming experiment in his ironic social game, Cow Clicker, Bogost is taking the piss out of Molyneux’s DLC, which is taking the piss out of video game DLC. Now that is an awesome daisy chain.

Bogost isn’t looking to make a huge profit with the diamond clicker. “I mean, the most committed clickers have never spent a dollar,” Bogost told Kotaku. He thinks Molyneux will find the same is true.

But if someone with money bags comes along, Bogost knows exactly how he’d spend the 10 grand: “I’d probably buy a sweet pro-grade gelato machine.”

Cow Clicker [Facebook]


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