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  • The Biggest Gaming Disappointments Of 2021

    The Biggest Gaming Disappointments Of 2021

    Hell-year 2021 is almost over. It’s been a terrible year for more reasons than I can count. Pondering all the bad, disappointing, or just plain sad news that transpired within the video game industry alone is enough to make you want to jump into bed, hide under the covers, and binge on TikTok, candy, and/or…

  • The Man Who Promised Too Much

    The Man Who Promised Too Much

    Peter Molyneux is crying. I’m not sure how to react to this. Legendary game designers don’t often get emotional with the press. But here’s Molyneux, who has made so many games and done so many interviews over the past two decades, openly weeping into my voice recorder.

  • The Changing Face Of Game Development In Guildford

    Guildford is one of the crown jewels of big-budget UK video game development. Over the years it’s been home to huge studios like Born Ready Games, Bullfrog, Criterion, Hello Games, Lionhead, Media Molecule, Supermassive … the list goes on. Not all of those developers are still going, and that’s one reason why Guildford is changing…