I've Got A Ticket To Ride, And I Care, Very Much

If you've never played the board game Ticket to Ride, boy, are you missing out. It's almost the perfect game. There are enough cards and rules to keep serious board gamers thinking, but the basic gist is simple enough you can be up and playing in only a few minutes.

As with many other great board games, Ticket to Ride is also available on iOS. And it's brilliant.

The aim of the game is to build rail lines across various regions on Earth. You get points for the size of the train, points for completing pre-determined routes and points for building the longest route. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. Easy.

There are two versions available. There's a $0.99 iPhone version, which gives you the complete game and only one map (North America), and a pricier iPad version, which has a number of worldwide maps and a few other tweaks for the bigger screen.

I've only played the iPhone version, but can't put it down. It does exactly what you want a board game conversion to do: keep the art, rules and feel of the original in tact, and just make things quicker and easier. While the smaller screen means the complete board game experience can't be replicated like it can on the iPad, there are a few multiplayer options, like playing locally on multiple phones, playing online or using a hot-seat mode.

My only gripe is that the AI can be brutal, blocking routes that a more considerate human friend/opponent would never do, but on the whole the iOS version of Ticket to Ride takes a near-perfect board game and nearly perfectly recreates is in your hand.

Ticket to Ride [Apple App Store]


    Agreed. TTR is a great board game and works well on iOS.

    But what's this, Luke? Expecting your opponent to be considerate? but that's a large part of what makes this game great!

    Great writeup, Luke.
    And yes, Ticket To Ride is a fantastic game in part because of the wide gap between its skill floor and ceiling. An enthusiastic 8 year old can learn the rules and play the game decently, yet even serious gamers can challenge each other.

      Awesome! I was going to ask here about how difficult it was to learn, but seeing as I currently have the brain-capacity of an enthusiastic 8 year old I now know I'll be able to play. Be right back, purchasing now. If I find it too difficult to figure out I'm blaming you though. :P

    Has anyone played Power Grid? Similar mechanic to Ticket to Ride, but with a bit of resource management and bidding wars thrown in.

    I got the game when it was Free about 2 weeks ago. I'd say it's definitely worth the $1 though.
    It starts simply enough, but playing against multiple players (whether computer controlled, hot seat, wi-fi or online) can really bring out the emotions when someone takes your path, and when you can figure out what secret route your opponents are trying to complete and are able to block it.

    Love this board game and being a bit of bastard with your own routes is part of the fun :)
    I hope it comes to Android.

    I love this game, although I'm a little tired of paying for the same game over and over. Why couldn't there have been a universal version for iOS? I now own it on XBLA, iPad and iPhone. Never played the board game version, but would love to get it too.

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