Ticket To Ride Is Getting Its Own Reality TV Show

Ticket to Ride is a great gateway into modern board games, but apparently the railroad builder is also a great … reality TV idea?

Deadline has reported that Propagate Entertainment has partnered with Asmodee Studios to create a reality TV spin-off based on Ticket to Ride.

The idea will see five teams of contestants, Amazing Race-style, racing over the sea, air and land as they complete challenges. There’s no other details available right now, although the president of board game publisher Asmodee indicated that more spin-offs might be in the offing.

“Asmodee Entertainment will develop new and exciting entertainment experiences based on the vibrant universes of our popular games. We are delighted to bring one of our most iconic properties to life with the help of our visionary partners at Propagate,” Asmodee president Stéphane Carville said.

Cross-country Catan? A Netflix series into the slow destruction of a friendship group and their relationships thanks to a game of Diplomacy? A streamed version of a haunted house transformed for a real-lifew Arkham Horror game? Actually, that last one would be alright. Someone call Twitch/Amazon and make that one happen.

[Thanks, Deadline!]


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