Love Is A Fresh New Etna Tattoo

Love Is A Fresh New Etna Tattoo

In what is quickly becoming a Valentine’s Day tradition for my family, last night I hit up Psycho Tattoo in Sandy Springs, Georgia, to add another role-playing icon to my growing (and until yesterday Final Fantasy-centric) party. Why are all the Prinnies running away?

Etna of Disgaea fame now resides permanently on my left forearm. She looks comfortable there. A little dark, perhaps, but the shading will fade over the next few weeks and the swelling will go down, leaving me with a perfect little Prinny mistress just waiting to wreak havoc. Then she shall be covered in hair.


I particularly like the fact that my artist managed to work in the skull earrings and the slight hint of blue from her Prinny-styled belt pouch. Somehow he managed to add garters to the garter-less art I bought in, but that just makes her slightly different from all the other Etna tattoos out there.

Next step: Adding an exploding undead penguin to the mix.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was as eventful as mine!


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