Mortal Kombat Vita Trailer Has Me Craving Augmented Fatalities

In an attempt to demonstrate how Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita can be played anywhere, anytime, Warner Bros. and Netherrealm Studios get augmented reality fans all excited for nothing.

Unfortunately we won't be recreating the epic battle between Sub-Zero and Scorpion on our city streets any time soon, at least not on the Vita. We'll get mini-games and touchscreen fatalities, but if you want to see ninjas fighting in the street you're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way: dressing hobos up in ninja costumes.


    why show augmented reality gameplay in trailer if its not in the full game, seems like now everyone who like AR will want the feature plus would be handy being able to see where you are walking while having the fighting going on

    the hotshots golf game for ps vita has AR background while you play and cant see how it would affect framerate or anything

      It would have an affect on performance, but it can be done:

    Very misleading trailer, especially for those that see it without the attached article.

    Anyone else think this is false advertising?

    Obviously AR isn't going to allow for the camera angle changes that are shown in this trailer.

    Is was obviously not the real game to me. Still it does make it look like it would've been cool.

    They shouldve done it. Despite camera angles, this looks much better than reality fighters.

    So MK Vita is going to look exactly the same as the console version as well?

    "dressing hobos up in ninja costumes"
    You have a clip of that?

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