Music Video Is A Total Homage To Old Sega Arcade Games

Me and You, by Nero, is kinda famous right now as it's been used as the jingle for the Beats by Dr Dre line of gear at Best Buy.

Which is lovely for Best Buy and everyone else involved. Me, I'm just here for the track's music video, which is one giant tip of the hat to the Sega of the 1980s.

Me and You by Nero [Super Punch]


    Man I love Streets of Rage , but I still kind of prefer the first game in the series. I know its technically inferior in most respects but calling in the cop car to launch some napalm was so cool back in the day. Very cool music clip too btw.

    Saw this ages ago.. remember it was the soundtrack to the Trackmania canyon trailer that had way too many cars defying gravity?

    Also... there's a few demoscene references thrown in here for good measure. "Second Reality" anyone?

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