Old Nintendo Game Contains Heart-Warming, Hand-Written Note

The story on a Reddit post from over the weekend goes like this. "My girlfriend bought an old copy of Animal Crossing. The surprise we found inside just made our day."

It's made our day too.

Located inside the box, and written in a style that to someone who once worked in childcare for six years looks entirely legit, is a massive note containing codes (essentially cheats) that can be used to trick Animal Crossing's tyrannical ruler and mortgage broker, Tom Nook, into giving you some great stuff.

Helpful, yes, but in the age of FAQs not really needed. What's appreciated is the fact this kid knew the game was being traded in, and as a parting gift went to all this trouble just to help out "a random person who buys this game". He/she even includes that most awesome of code-sharing tips; namely, an admission that their Is and 1s may be all screwed up, so if a code doesn't work, just swap those two around!

My girlfriend bought an old copy of Animal Crossing. The surprise we found inside just made our day [Reddit]



    We don't know a kid traded it in, but either way, a sweet gesture.

    i remember doing this once or twice when i used to rent N64 games. this was the days where there was no real finite location for getting cheats, either online or off.

    the best bit was a few weeks after i did a sheet for some starwars game, i checked the game at the video store and found all my cheats written on a sheet inside the box, but not with my handwriting. someone mustve lost the original and rewrote them all :D i started a trend!

    Reminds me of the days of Lemmings, swapping level codes with mates.

    Gone are the days of cheat codes. Dissappointment.

    Heartwarming would be "i hop u haev fun with ths gaem" and maybe a story about the time they had with it.

    This is a list of cheats, and I can't find any confirmation that these cheats were for the next owner of the game, and not for the original owner every time s/he opened the box to play it.

    For example, as a young lad I had Duke Nukem 64s cheats written down for future use on a piece of paper which was inserted between the box's plastic cover and self. If I had ever traded it in (I do not believe in trading in games) then the next owner might get my cheats, but it wouldn't be heartwarming (Plunkett might disagree?).

      The 'cheats' were for certain items which were nearly impossible to attain without said 'cheats'.

        Not entirely sure what your point is there.

        But if I were a young lad, and I did come across such cheats, I would certainly write them down for myself.

      Why would he/she have written the admission that his '1s' and his 'Is" could be mistaken for each other if the note was only for himself. :|

    Already some of these by heart...
    The first one is wrong. It should be a & instead of an 8.

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