A Tiny Bit Of News About The Next Animal Crossing

A Tiny Bit Of News About The Next Animal Crossing

Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Animal Crossing and producer of the next game in that series, mostly talked to me about Wii U at E3 last week. But surely he had some news about Animal Crossing’s forthcoming 3DS installment?

He did! (Not much)

“To those Animal Crossing fans,” he said, “I just would like them to know that there’s progress and we should be able to offer a new download movie soon. [NOTE: see above]As for features and specs of the game, I can’t go into too much detail, but players will be able to arrange their furniture the way they like, and we’ll be offering new networking experiences.”

That’s all I got, Animal Crossing fans.


  • I love Animal Crossing, but they could just make it so much more bad arse than it is. Mini Games, i’d even be happy with mini games.

  • MY mother loves the animal crossing series…Except for one thing. The lighthouse is gone. Even though it served no purpose she always goes on about the missing lighthouse.
    Animal crossing is a strange game that I think would be changed dramatically if you added minigames. Whether that’s a bad thing or not we won’t know until it is implemented.
    PS. I miss the NES roms.

    • It served a purpose. You get get a week long tenure maintaining it from that otter or albatross or something!

  • I agree the Nes roms in it made the 1st game. The DS and the Wii games really were missing something.

    • The lack of NES games happened for one reason: monies. When the DS version came out, there’d just been the releases of the NES classics on GBA, and with the Wii one, well, as if anyone would buy the NES games off virtual console if they were free in AC?

      Now, if they made some original mini games and let you buy them for your house, that’d rule all over the place.

  • I loved the first Animal Crossing, it was just amazing the amount of depth and gameplay that was packed into it.

    Then I played the Wii version… and it was exactly the same, except worse, because it had to load each square as you entered making moving around the town annoyingly slow. And from what I’ve heard the DS version is pretty close to the Wii as well.

    So that’s the problem I have with the AC series: it just feels like the exact same game every time. Maybe it’s just that the original was so awesome in every way that there was nowhere else to go?

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