Um, Animal Crossing? Where Are You?

Hoping to play the upcoming 3DS Animal Crossing in English this year? Well...The game is getting a release in Japan later this fall, but many AC fans don't understand Japanese.

Today in Los Angeles, Nintendo ran through a list of its upcoming 3DS titles for later this year. Absent was Animal Crossing.

That doesn't mean Nintendo won't release AC in the West this year (they can always reveal it later this year), but it does leave many gamers wondering where the heck the game is and why can't they look forward to playing it in 2012. Stay tuned.


    Yeah, I thought it was nearly done? Why wasn't there a single mention?

    Where's Fire Emblem ? :(

      Announced on twitter around 3PM this afternoon.

      Reggie "accidentally" announced it, then they tweeted it.

        Really? Im gonna go find out for myself

        Accidentally?? Are they hiding something? I didn't see the twitter. There is like no news. I been looking in Nintendo Power for months too.

    This was what I mostly stayed up for the nintendo conference and watched the 3ds showcase for. It wouldve taken nintendo 10 seconds to win me over, saying "animal crossing is coming out on such and such a date". Very disappointed.

    @Zap where is this tweet at? I need to see it.

    i am so irritated . i looked forward to this game for 2 years. still nothing.

    delayed so he can make that god awful mii themepark thing. And yes, more to the point, WHERE IS FIRE EMBLEM???
      this really is not what it deserved

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