Peter Parker Fights Marvel's Horniest Super-Villain

Superhero movies flirt with distaster when they try to throw more than one antagonist at the main character. But, superhero video games? They thrive on that formula. So, in the first of what we have to assume will be many unveilings, Activision's rolling out a look at how old-school bad guy the Rhino will look in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game, which ties in to the summer movie of the same name.

As you can see in the comics page from the gallery above, the Rhino debuted as Aleksei Sytsevich — gotta love those Cold War villains! — a big angry guy bonded to a super-tough, high-tech polymer suit. But dev studio Beenox's take looks like someone who's been subject to serious genetic manipulation. He and Curt Connors — aka The Lizard, already outed as the main foe in the Spidey movie — are probably connected in the Amazing back-story.

The clip also lets you see Spidey's combat and open-world web-swinging in action. Some of the shots imply that Beenox will be changing up the camera angles we typically view Spidey gameplay from. Th trailer also teases a mysterious behind-the-scenes corporate type who's just got master manipulator written all over him. Could this be the reboot's version of Norman Osborn? Whoever he is, Suit Guy's got major issues if he's the responsible for the Rhino's condition. You almost feel sorry for the big, pug-ugly lug. The Amazing Spider-Man lands on multiple platforms in June.


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