PixelJunk Eden Hits Steam Today

PixelJunk Eden Hits Steam Today

First announced last week, the PC version of PixelJunk Eden will be out at 10am Pacific Time, February 2. Which is, hey, today! [Twitter]


  • I think it’s a real cop-out that they allowed teleporting back to your previous resting point in this. The main thing about Eden you never forget is screaming “NOOOOOO” as you fall all the way back down.

    • Exactly, I can honestly say that I have been able to nail all 15 levels of the game, sure some of the later levels could taken an hour of more, but that was the challenge. Spider shot FTW!!!!!

      I think another really annoying change, is when you complete and obtain your first Spectra, when you start again for 2 Spectras, you have already collected the first Spectra (and I’m assuming that seeds previously opened are also open)

      Gonna have to bust this out again on PS3!

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