Rocksteady: UK Games Industry Doing It Tough

The Australian games industry may be having a tough time, but we're not alone. Over in the UK, London-based Rocksteady Studios (the creators of the recent Batman games) has lamented the health of their local games industry.

The director of the studio, Sefton Hill, told CVG that the UK could have been a world leader in game development, but due to the lack of support from the government, the industry is now flagging. The country is also losing many of its developers to Canada, where tax incentives make game development more financially attractive.

"A lot of my friends have moved abroad to get work; there's a real talent drain," Hill said.

"Montreal is a central place for development and it's mainly because the tax breaks they give are so phenomenal.

"It's a real shame, because home computers were so popular and the bedroom programming scene was so big we have some of the best talent in the world in this country. That situation is rapidly changing and it's such a shame."

Hill's comments come after a recent TIGA study revealed that 41% of UK developers who had been made redundant over the last three years had taken their talent abroad.

"I just think that we could have been in Montreal's position with that backing from the government. It's such a big industry now and we could be world leaders. Britain's home computing history is just incredible."



    Dear UK Videogame Industry,

    I know that feel bro :(

    The Australian Videogame Industry

    You know what really annoys me at the moment?

    The fact that not only do we recieve very very minimal assistance from the government (which also is shared with the movie industry), but also how little main stream media covers the gaming industry. Its like everyone just ignores it and STILL think's its "child" industry or some rubbish.

    Example, front page of the Herald Sun (garbage newspaper btw) stating how 500 jobs could be lost in the car industry. Where was the front page article about blue tongue? Wasnt that like 100+ employee's now gone?

    Correct me if im wrong but from what ive read/heard theres probably has been around 500 game developers made redundant in australia within the past year or two yet no one gives a shit (except us of course)

    Western countries aren't suited towards manufacturing. With the higher standard of education, increased freedoms, and a culture of innovation, why does the government prop up flailing industries that can never compete with China instead of what Australia would be good at?

    Hey Rocksteady! Stop bitching about the state of the games industry and fix the PC version of Arkham City already! 3 straight weeks now I haven't been able to play the game because the DRM that YOU put there deleted my save (just one of the many reasons I f***ing loathe GFWL). You want to encourage people to buy your games and support your local industry? DON'T SHIP A BROKEN PRODUCT!

    Dear UK Industry:

    You have award winning Batman games.

    We have company shut down after company shut down.

    Bite me.

    Maybe the publishers should be giving some of that profit that they keep posting year after year eg. EA biggest finanicial quater in 8 years recently to the devs.

    The Australian industry has lost around 700+ jobs in the last 3 years. Why isn't that front page news...

      Just like what draus said. There is a misconception that video games are for young audiences, and so it would look embarrassing for a newspaper to report on something (especially on the front page) that would relate to video games whatsoever, besides the typical lambasting of course (e.g. graphic violence and addiction).

      And even if that piece of news pertained to excessive job losses, the reality is that the general public of baby boomers and seniors just won't care given that many of them have been inculcated by the belief that video games only serve to inhibit the mental development and intelligence of young people.

    PUblishers really have to start giving a share of their massive profits to the devs. Because the industry in booming just look at posting recently by companies like EA and their biggest financial quater in 8 years or Activision Blizzard making over a billion in profit in 2011. And they say second sales is hurting them. yeah right.

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