Sharknife 2: Double Z Might Have The Best Superhero Origin Ever

I've been writing a long time for more Sharknife. Corey Lewis' east-meets-west adventure series seethes with video game logic in the same way that the Scott Pilgrim books do — from label-mate Bryan Lee O'Malley. I first read the adventures of the skateboarding robo-ninja hero in 2005 and have been pining away for a sequel ever since.

That's because you can tell that Lewis bathes in nerd culture. Magic fortune cookies, intricate power level info and finishing moves all decorate the action in Sharknife to comedic effect. In this preview of that long-brewing sequel, we can see how Ceasar Hallejah got his powers. Namely, by drawing Sharknife, making shit up and beating an opponent in a video game. Somebody shoulda told Peter Parker it was this easy.



    I've been reading Rey's stuff since i picked up the first sharknife in 2004, at the end of the book it said the sequel was coming at the next year, so it's been a long time coming.

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