Stealth Classic Thief Comes To Good Old Games

1998's much-lauded PC stealth game Thief has arrived at Good Old Games, where it can be downloaded for $US9.99. Thief is widely to be one of the most innovative, standard-setting sneaking games ever made.


    Hell yeah Thief!

    Deus Ex and Hitman were added the other day too. Not a bad line-up they've got on that site these days...

    I begged gog for this like 5 years ago!!! bring on thief 2!!! I never could getting thief working on any modern PC and now its mine!

    This, and Thief 2 are games I would want a HD remake (and no other changes). I miss knocking people unconscious and either throwing their bodies into a pool (of water) and hearing them drown, or off a cliff and hearing the distant, faint death cry...
    Nevermind hiding in the (semi-)dark and hoping the approaching enemy really doesnt notice me >_____<"

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