Thief Reboot Coming To PC And Next-Gen Consoles In 2014

Thief Reboot Coming To PC And Next-Gen Consoles In 2014

UPDATE: Game Informer‘s next cover is Thief, a reboot for the series by Eidos Montreal that will be out next year for PC, PS4 and whatever the next Xbox is called.

The game is no longer called Thief 4.

The April issue of Game Informer has more details on the new stealth game, which looks a whole lot like Dishonored. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Original story: Here’s a brand new look at Thief 4, thanks to leaked screenshots obtained by Russian website Head over there for all the shots.

According to my Google translation of the Russian site, Thief 4 is being prepared for next-gen consoles, and it will lose the 4. Just Thief now.

This lines up with hints and teases we’ve heard about the Game Informer cover reveal today, which is planned for 12pm Eastern (4am AEDT). Game Informer has promised that it will be revealing a next-gen title, and in response to rumours yesterday that the cover will be Thief 4, GI editor Andy McNamara said that the cover doesn’t have a 4 on it. Maybe it’s just Thief now?


  • Pleasebegood,pleasebegood,pleasebegood! I would love to see a new thief game that manages to capture the atmosphere of the original

    • Hell yes.
      I even like the original’s setting and feel more than Thief 2… which is generally regarded as the better game.

      In its day, Thief was the only game to get my heart pumping when I was hiding in the dark with a guard passing by looking for me, or once I’d been spotted and was running away.

      A feeling I didn’t get again until my first handful of player encounters in DayZ not long after it was first released.

      Very intense.
      Of course it doesn’t make me feel that way now, because it’s so dated… but if this new version can recapture that feeling and recreate the atmosphere and freedom that would be amazing.

    • Watch Thief become a cover based shooter!

      Stealth? What Stealth. Get in there and rambo those guards you pussy.

  • “Thief will do away with the magical elements, including undead and other fantasy creatures.” (from the dtoid article)

    I going to watch my favourite series of all time get massacred, and it doesn’t feel good.

  • W-why does it need a reboot??
    I Finally got to play the first after loving the second, and I can see why people (who played the first first) wouldn’t like the second, but I feel the second has more of a thief/steal things vibe than the first.
    Plus unconscious bodies in the first don’t yell out in pain/death when you drown them or drop them off a cliff 🙁

    • Because people are disinclined to (a) pick up old games, or (b) start playing a game partway through a numbered series. People won’t pick up a fifteen year old game, and they won’t pick up its sequels because they assume that they’d need to play the original first. Which is why we’re seeing games like “Tomb Raider”, “Sim City”, “Command & Conquer”, etc. nowadays, because there’s a whole generation of gamers that never got to play these franchises, and refuse to because they’re perceived as “too old”.

  • Brought back fond memories, I miss Looking Glass. Terra Nova is still one of the best games I ever played. Reboot that too!

  • so id this a reboot or a seaquel? (I’m gussing reboot, to try and bring in a new audience)

    eather way it could be good…just wait and see

  • Well it looks very Dishonoured-ish but that’s only fair since Dishonoured looked extremely Thief-y. As a long term fan of the series, I can only say they’d better not fuck this up or I’ll have to sneak into their offices (walking only on carpet to reduce noise and extinguishing lights with water arrows) and give them a good clip round the ear

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