Sit Down For 40 Minutes Of Thief Gameplay

We’ve got our review of Thief here, but if you want to see some gameplay for yourself, TotalBiscuit plays through 40 minutes from the game (and 10 minutes of PC graphics options) for your viewing pleasure.

Thief is out tomorrow, February 25th.

WTF is… Thief? [YouTube]

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    • Indeed…. I can hear in his voice a few parts where he’s sounding like he wants to be negative but seems to think twice…

      I dunno, this video seems to reinforce a few things some bad reviews have said so far, I’ll still play it myself and ultimately decide myself but my hopes have definitely been lowered *a lot* now.

  • thief has already unlocked on steam now… except for us that for some reason have to bury our heads in the sand to dodge spoilers for 3 more days.

  • So it gets a rubbish review from Kotaku and AusGamers. Most reviews are positive …. just not glowing.

    And as I’ve already pre-ordered and preloaded from Steam, so I’m going to enjoy it whether I like it or not. 😛

  • TB’s impressions seem promising, at least from what I’ve seen it may not be the hopeless case the kotaku review made it seem. We’ll just have to wait and see. Either way I got it $33 from gmg, I’m sure I’ll get my moneys worth

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