Thief Slips Us Another Dark, Gorgeous And Gameplay-Free Trailer

Recently revealed to (still) be in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as the PC, the troubled Thief isn't making me feel any better by releasing another incredibly pretty-but-pointless cinematic trailer on the eve of E3.Initially I thought it was the same trailer we posted back in April, what with all the darkness and gems, but no, this one has master thief Garrett telling us who he is.

We know who you are, Garrett — that's why we're here. Now show us what you can do.


    Considering how this project was reported before to be in serious development troubles, this piece with no actual gameplay shown seems to confirm those stories. Looks like the publisher just wants to somehow keep promotion alive, but does not actually have anything, that resembles a product. Well, either that, or they save all the good stuff for E3. Probably not, though.

    He dodges an arrow and says "did you miss me", the at line is "what's yours in mine" and at the end he steals the Thief logo. So. Much. Cleverness

    So they have someone trying so hard to emulate Stephen Russell...why not just get Steve?

    So glad they took the stupid 4 out of the title.

    No Steven Russell no deal.

    I sincerely doubt this new thief will have any of the charm that the Garrett I grew up with had, not to mention the level design fears I have. Thief is best left as a treasured memory.

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