Thief Comes Out Next Week

No idea who that guy in the thumbnail is. This new trailer shows a bit more about the new adventure that Garrett will get caught up in, with heavy occult overtones and some glimpses of the environmental puzzles players will have to navigate.


  • I got this with an AMD graphics card a while ago, so it’s in my Steam account ready for download. Gonna probably play on my ‘SteamBox’. 🙂

  • I know I should probably be more excited for this, but it’ll be a case of ‘pick up in Steam sale’ for me. I still haven’t played the last Thief and I’ve been staring at it in my library for a few years now

    • Thief Deadly Shadows is worth playing! It’s got one of the most atmospheric levels in it of any game ever (Shalebridge Cradle) – really enjoyed that game.

  • Have never played the Thief games before but this does look good. Does anyone know how linear this game is? Is it sort of semi-open, with side quests and what not?

    • IF it goes by old ones, then semi-open. Side quests are mainly search and find some awesome loot.
      You’re a thief.
      You can either just run through the main mission. Or you can do what you’re meant to.
      Thieve anything not nailed down.

  • I’m still a bit concerned about the lack of people who’ve actually had hands-on time with this game.

    Between the long development and lack of early reviews I think there’s a pretty good chance this game will be disappointing. Will certainly be buying it if it gets decent reviews though.

    • It’s tricky to rely on videos but the ghost walkthrough of the first level they put up the other day was impressive enough to shift me from “hmmm maybe” to “preordering now”

  • I pre-ordered this on Steam last weekend… I do have my doubts however.

    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I was very skeptical about after the pis-poor Invisible War (the original being my favorite game of all time).

    Thief 1 and 2 are probably equal second for my top games of all time (Deadly Shadows was okay, just way too X-Box [read: easy] for my liking).

    Anyway, supposedly being the same devs that created DX:HR I have my hopes.

    Time shall tell, I suppose.

  • Looks good, might have to pick this one up if Eidos Montreal can make lightning strike twice.

    Actually, the music reminded me a bit of Human Revolution. Does anyone know who the composer is for this game?

    • $60 on a game that may/may not be any good just to get a bonus mission they’ll flog for $10 or less after the game is released?

      Don’t get me wrong, I really hope this game turns out well, I was a big fan of of Thief 1 and 2. But it’s been so long since there’s been a Thief game, there was a lot of press early on about troubled development, and I’m old enough to have seen the best of “sure things” turn out to be complete crap that $60 seems like a rather expensive gamble.

  • I decided to preorder after the latest gameplay video. It looks pretty good and they have been listening to fan feedback the whole way through the development process so that’s enough for me to take a punt.

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