Here’s A New Thief Trailer

Here’s a new Thief trailer that shows the why, how and what you’ll be breaking into and sneaking out of. It will be out on February 28 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • I remain cautiously optimistic but that trailer has me excited. Apart from the stupid focus ability, it looked great.

    • “The city has unlimited treasures for those who know how to look” ……… or just hit the focus button.
      When are game designers going to stop making games so A. Simple & B. A collect-a-thon. I dont want to run around hitting the focus button and picking up all the things that glow bright blue, thats a game for a 3 year old on an Ipad.

      • You can turn off the focus mechanic. Whether its actually practical to play through the entire game without it remains to be seen.

  • WHo the hell was called Garret in those times and why did that woman have an american accent?
    Also the start says you are the saviour of the city yet you have to steal everything in site???
    Doesn’t that make you the c#nt of the city?

    • Actually I am pretty sure there is a karma system, or chaos system where if you steal from the poor bad stuff happens. So you can be robin hood or a hoarder from Oblivion.

      • That’s not something that’s been mentioned in anything I’ve read. Where did you hear it?

        Stubi, you’ll be pleased to know that Garret has an American accent too. Not the right American accent though.

  • I could be cautiously optimistic but I loved the last Thief so much I am throwing caution to the wind. This thing is going to be thoroughly awesome. I am so excited.

  • I was pretty weary until I heard that it’s being made by the same people that made Deus Ex: HR. I love that game and they did a great job around stealth and environments. I have every confidence in this game being great.

  • Gah! I just don’t know what to think about this game anymore. I-I think I’m looking forward to it.
    I dunno, I’ve just been hurt before

  • I’m probably going to take a pass on this one, just like I did on the last Max Payne game, but for different reasons.

    With Max, I hated the storyline and characterizations – I felt like despite the fact that it might be a good game, it would never be a “Max Payne” game to me.

    With this one, it’s really all about the technical aspects. Every play through I’ve seen has been way too forgiving. Too many, what I would call “cheat moves” compared to the old Thief games. I am also not a fan of the “detective sense” rip off from Batman and their concept of “trading off” resources/difficulty is so… just skewed.

    I guess, to me, part of the artistic integrity of the Thief series was baked into it’s uncompromising difficulty and so… in a way this doesn’t really seem like a “Thief” game to me either.

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