The 3DS Is Not A Failure In Japan. It's A 5 Million Sold Success.

While the 3DS had a rocky start — and any momentum it had was disrupted by March 2011's tragic earthquake — the console has been on the uptick. You could even say it's now going gangbusters in its native Japan. Today, Nintendo revealed that the 3DS has sold over five million units in Japan. It is the fastest Nintendo handheld to do this, beating both the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance to the 5 million mark. What's more, it's the fastest selling console in Japan. Ever.

In the graph Nintendo provided (above), you can see Nintendo platforms during their first 52 weeks on sale.

「ニンテンドー3DS」国内販売500万台突破 [任天堂]


    Go 3DS, hope the Vita continues to fail.

      Why not hope both handhelds succeed and push each other to creating better hardware/software.

        No, no, we must have an irrational hatred for anything else. Loath to be that we spent money on something that isn't the most successful.

        Maybe he can only afford one handheld and doesn't want to miss out on games released on other platforms. Or he irrationally hates Sony.

        Because fanatics don't comprehend how business works. How innovation works. How competition benefits the consumer.

        Or, ya know, just trollin'.

      The Nintendo Fanboy, always be hatin'. STFU.

      Why hate Vita? Vita is a much better machine than 3DS.
      On the other hand, it is better to have competition than monopoly.

        >Make the better machine.



    speak for yourself, competition is good for the market :P
    Keeps prices low

    I don't undertand why you hope the Vita fails. It just does not make sense to me.

    Unless you have shares in the 3DS or have a bet on the TAB that the Vita will fail, how could the Vita failing (let alone continue to fail considering it hasn't even been released outside of japan) possibly enrich your life?

    I am honestly asking as I have seen this same comment written over and over on multiple websites.

    Incredible really that it has turned out so well after a start that drew comparisons with the Virtual Boy!

    Is the 3DS a failure in any market?

    Notice that it doesn't go steeply upward until a whole mess of games came out - Mario, Mario Kart, then they announced Monster Hunter Tri G in November or so, released it early December and the sales of the thing went nuts.

    And that is why the Vita has struggled there past the first few weeks aside from the one blip where there was some RPGs released. No games Japan's interested in to move systems.

      Not to mention the price cut as well. But good on Nintendo, I admit I sort of doubted whether it would be as successful as the DS but gladly I was wrong. I'm positive they won't do the same with the Wii U.

        uhhh...need to read my comments before posting, I'm positive the won't make the same mistakes with the Wii U.

    Thrilled that the 3ds is doing well, I also hope the vita does well as well even though I only play Nintendo consoles, there's more than enough room for 2 handhelds. the more the merrier, why do we have to have this ridiculous handheld war over which console is better, they're both great consoles. I predict that both the 3ds and vita will do well and everybody will be happy.

    Really good to see this, the 3DS had a lot of mis-informed nay-sayers at the start, i'm guessing they were the same people that said the touch screen of the original DS was a flimsy gimmick.

    I'm waiting for them to announce the PSVita 2 in a few years, which will have glasses-free 3d...

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