The Force Is 1.7 Million Subscribers Strong With Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Force Is 1.7 Million Subscribers Strong With Star Wars: The Old Republic

According to EA’s third quarter financial results report, BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic has generated more than 1.7 million paying subscribers since its December launch. One wonders if that number was recorded before the game’s PVP balance issues began.


  • I didn’t unsubscribe, I’m enjoying the game heaps.

    However, I want to point out that according to the actual filing, those 1.7 million subs are a mix of people who’ve actually paid money and people who just gave their CC details to get their free 30days.

    • Are they? At this point the free month is done and they’ve actually charged for the first month. That 1.7 million figure could actually be the number of current actual subscribers, meaning they only lost ~300,000 after the free month.

      Either way, I think it shows that a lot of the whining you see online is a vocal minority. Just like it is in WoW.

  • Bought the game two weeks ago today. Enjoying it, but its nothing special, probably will cancel the subscription before my 30 days run out though, don’t see myself playing once Uni starts.

  • I unsubbed, so I understand why it’s kind of low, but still only 1.7? I wasn’t expecting wow-level numbers but this is really, really low for what’s basically wow-in-star-wars.

    • that’s the problem people expect it to be wow in space, they forget wow been out for long time and then wig out when it is not exactly like wow in space
      they forget that for years and years wow didn’t have LFD, and had huge imbalances.

      i was going to make a comment about swtor having shiny light up sticks but frankly with wow enchants they have that too.

      • From all reports people weren’t expecting it to be like WoW at all and it turned out to be almost a replica of it, with the only difference being the storylines.
        Thats why people are dropping it in droves, it’s a WoW replica with almost none of the polish of WoW

        • 1 month of polish time post release. wow has had 8 years to polish and after watching several of the last pvp tournaments where all finals come down to shaman, mage, warlock it shows blizzard still has work to do. i played wow on release and people who started late don’t realize blizzard have done a lot of work since release like the remaking of every talent tree in the game because they just didn’t work. and you based people dropping starwars in droves based on what? a few people in forums saying we are dropping it?

    • WoW had nowhere near those numbers this early into its life cycle. People seem to forget its been out for just over a month.

  • My local EB gets in each week about 2 US or UK copies of the game and they sell within the day.

    I’m having fun as well, I would say the game is an improvement over Wow with still a few features missing. Once I reach 50 on my main and try out the endgame content, I’ll then start on one of the other classes. It took me about a month and a half to reach around 40, imagine all the new things they would’ve implemented by the time I reach 50 and another of my characters reaches also 50.

  • 1.7 isn’t bad for the first month. The big question is where the game will be at in say 6 months time.

    I’m guessing we’ll see the number stay rather steady but would it be because EA/BW are going to slowly release the game to the zones it’s not currently available thus making the numbers appear better than they would be if ToR was released world wide from the start.

  • Personally, I’m loving the game! Me and all my mates are playing it and I don’t see myself or anyone getting sick of it any time soon

  • And while all the gimps continue to pay for unfinished buggy as hell MMO releases, the rest of us will continue to be fed unfinished buggy as hell MMO releases. Thank you fools; and you are fools because half of the bugs are easy fixes that are intentionally put there to drag out your subs, ROFL.

      • Not trolling kid, it’s the truth *cough* and another patch tonight.
        Explain to me what a Beta is for please, AFAIK it’s to remove the bugs from a game prior to people paying for it, correct me if I’m wrong.

        For anyone saying “well WoW was like this at release” yah ok, but WoW was doing something that had never been done before. These guys are doing something that has been done in similar ways many times times over since then and they still can’t get it right. We’re not breaking new ground here in the world of MMOs. They’re just making the same or similar ‘mistakes’ that we end up with in every new MMO release. Similar ‘bugs’, SHIT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IRONED OUT IN ALPHA. And I say ‘bugs’ as I truly believe that a lot of this stuff is put there to DRAG OUT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.
        I’t s no fault of Bioware that this game was released before it’s ready, it’s EAs doing, and they know they can get away with it because all the muppets will pay their subs and keep playing buggy shit while PAYING EA FOR THE DOWNTIME to fix the buggy shit that WAS NOT READY FOR RELEASE.
        I have to admit, it is pretty funny sitting back and watching the people who can’t really see what’s going on here, but hey, if it makes you happy then enjoy. Just remember that YOU’RE THE ONES SETTING THE STANDARD.

        • what exactly did wow do that wasn’t done before? saying that it is with no back up or reasoning why it was “doing stuff” that had never been done before makes for a terrible argument.

        • WoW dude need to chill out and maybe not play so many games. if 1.7 million people are having fun with it and are able to overlook some incredibly insignificant flaws so be it. No one force fed you the game (lolol) so quit your qqing and go play wow or maybe join a rugby team, you seem to have a bit of nerd rage that could use some exercise.

  • I always forget that Kotaku Articles can’t have full stops in them, and i thought “OH MY GOD! THE OLD REPUBLIC HAS 17 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!” … I thought it was a little bit high…

  • It astounds me how quick ppl are to write something off. I played WoW at release and quit just after the first xpac. A lot of the problems SW ToR are more or less teething problems. I tend not to pay much attention to the negative crap about SW ToR’s subscriptions.

    I don’t play it because it’s an MMO and I need something to do when I’m not working. I play it because I’m a Star Wars nerd and I loved the KoToR games.

  • It’s a healthy number, but other MMOs in the past have had strong starting numbers that dwindle over time so I’ll be interested to see how the numbers go this year. One of the big problems it’s probably facing is the migration of guilds and friends from WOW to SWTOR.

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