Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.1 Breaks High-End PVP

Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.1 Breaks High-End PVP

Before Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s 1.1 patch went live early this morning, player-versus-player combat on the level 50 world of Ilum was slightly broken, with more players focusing on completing non-PVP goals than fighting. After patch 1.1 the zone has been transformed into an Imperial PVP wonderland.

There are plenty of non PVP-related issues with patch 1.1, Rise of the Rakghouls. Folks are reporting blank loading screens, hotbar buttons that don’t properly cycle, and various frame rate related issues. None of these are quite as bad (or entertaining, quite frankly) as what’s going on in Ilum.

What was previously a zone where players went to take care of their daily / weekly quests without much interference from the opposite faction is now hell for players of the Republic, and a glaring reminder to all players of the imbalance between the two factions.

In a move aimed at making PVP more attractive on Ilum, BioWare patched the game so that the daily and weekly mission objectives now require killing players of the opposing faction. To sweeten the pot, developers also upped the amount of Valor (currency used to buy high-end PVP gear) players earned from killing enemy players.

Were the factions completely balanced, this wouldn’t have been an issue. Unfortunately on most servers the Empire outnumbers the Republic by a large margin, resulting in scenes like the ones you see here. Imperial players are camping Republic spawn points, dominating objective areas, and generally farming the entire zone willy nilly. As an added bonus, BioWare added in a feature that announces whenever an enemy player approaches an important point on the map, turning the Imperials into one rolling announcement-seeking missile of Republic destruction.

Needless to say, the players are up in arms. The official forums are filled with angry posts. Some are calling for a rollback. Others are thanking the Ilum issue for reminding them to quit before their free month is up.

BioWare has created an official forum thread where issues can be discussed, kicking things off with the following message: “We’re currently investigating potential issues related to the Ilum open world PVP area post 1.1. We understand that this is a topic of much discussion and we ask that you please direct all discussions to this thread.”

That’s a neat idea. It’s not working, but definitely a neat idea.

Will BioWare roll back the update? Will the Republic rise again? At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

I told you Star Wars: The Old Republic PVP was a mess.

Post 1.1 Ilum PVP Potential Issues Discussion [Star Wars: The Old Republic Forums — Thanks Toph and Sathor!]


  • James Cameron to direct, Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to star. Theme song by Celine Dion.

    Catch my drift?

  • I think it’s a bit short-sighted to call for a patch rollback when the true issue is that, due to player choice, one faction is more populated than the other. Why not just add something to avoid spawn camping for both teams?

    • Which is why you have a rollback to begin with.

      You rollback to when the thing wasn’t a problem. Then you fix it.

      We have seen that Bioware aren’t really on top of the fixing things quickly side of things.

      Otherwise instead of banning people for dancing/chest looting they would have implemented the minuscule fixes for them and removed the problem before it was an issue.

      Also question how fair it is that all the Imperials will have exploited this change to gain large amounts of valor.

      No MMO i can think of has ever had a reasonable ratio. In fact some people will look for servers that have a larger amount of the side they want to join than the other.

      No real reason to roll Alliance on a server that outnumbers alliance players 9:1.

  • Looks like the servers will probably go down again tonight 🙁

    it’s a shame, the amount of patching Bioware do is really giving this game a bad rep, especially considering the free month ends tomorrow.

    I’m still going to stick with it, I’m fracking loving it as KOTOR3!

  • does no one remember when wow first implemented honour points? You couldnt even land in crossroads without getting ganked! Same thing as this. This kinda stuff always happens when a game puts a price on another players head 🙂

    • If only there was some other MMO that had seen all these issues before that Bioware could have perhaps peeked at 🙁

      • It is mind-boggling that these people could make an error of this magnitude when WoW is RIGHT THERE. Did they think WoW introduced instanced PvP zones with balanced side numbers just for fun?

  • I like that pvp can go either way depending on populations, I like that mmos can be dynamic where games are usually static. The problem is, unless I’m mistaken, this was content made for 50s to… yknow… do, instead of standing around, not really sure how this can end well.

    • Except most MMO’s end up static anyway. Or worse the battlegrounds end up abandoned because there is no way for one side to win.

      There is nothing dynamic about there being more players of one side than the other. Because it’s not the sort of thing that cycles. You don’t get a week where there are more good guys then a week where there are more badguys.

      It becomes static one side is always going to be outnumbered.

      When you have events where numbers will outweigh skill it becomes a real problem

  • Well it is Biowares own fault really. They knew well before the game launched that the factions would be insanely unbalanced. So instead of them doing what Rift did and actually force balance by not allowing one faction to have characters created when they hit a balance issue, they just allowed a faction to run riot. And the balance on every server is well over 3:1 in favour of Imps. Worse on the pvp servers with Swiftsure rumoured to be around 5:1.

    • Though the issue is that unlike something like Rift. My guess is that no matter what Imperials are always going to have a higher turnout across the board.

      plus there is an easy way around that, you get players to make throwaway characters on other servers to increase the republic/imperial balance.

      Someone wants to play imperial on Server A, guy on server B can make 5 or so republic characters on Server A allowing 5 people to roll imperial on the server no problem.

      Server sees 100imperial and 100 republic. But of those accounts only 80 imperial might be active and 30 republic.

      The only way to truly fix it would be to make areas like that with a tolerance of 1.25/1.5:1 or something. Or instances/districts with the same sort of ratios.

      The problem then becomes though that if only 200 republic players are there you can only have 250/300 imperials there and everyone else has to wait. Which would kinda be where instancing/districting helps since at the very least you could try funnel that excess into a imperial only type situation

  • Did the PvPers learn nothing from WoWs atrocious PvP? What made them think this would be different? Go find a new genre.

  • It all sounds fine to me, just more typical MMO-player whinging. It even sounds conon – I’m sure there were more Storm Troopers than Jedi in the movies!*

    *note, I don’t care and don’t know.

    • Which is completely irrelevant.


      A) there are generally less Sith than there are Jedi in the galaxy.

      B) there are no storm troopers in the game.

      C) smugglers and Troopers(Soldier) would most likely outnumber the amount of bounty hunters and imperial agents(assassins)

      • A) Being a generalsation is as relevant as anything I said.

        B) Doesn’t matter either, they’re part of the lore and fiction the game takes part in, regardless of timelines.

        C) ‘most likely’? See A above.


  • ” Imperial players are camping Republic spawn points, dominating objective areas, and generally farming the entire zone willy nilly.”

    Wow, it’s almost like the Sith are EVIL, or something. 😉

  • heh, i’d hate to be the guy at bioware who suggested “hey , why don’t we make it so dailies and weeklies force people into pvp’ing”


  • nobody mentioned all the sith ppl who cant complete quests because as soon as repubs spawn they get 30 ppls gcds and are.ded.already so to be honest its affecting.both factions. fix to get pvp stays from pve gear or to give useful.frrebies to one faction to promote aion took to long to do

  • The entire time I’ve been on Tattooine there’s been complaints in general that the Republic level 50s are camping quest points and generally disrupting gameplay for the Imperials. They don’t gain anything out of this. They’re just at end-game, know they can one shot level 30 characters, and have nothing better to do. I have little doubt my fellow Imperials are out there doing the same thing in some other low level zone.
    That’s just how two faction MMORPG world PvP works. Both sides attack the weakest part of the other side. If Faction A outnumbers Faction B ten to one, they don’t send players home they take advantage of the situation. When something new and exciting comes along like this it attracts a lot of attention. It’ll die down or get replaced eventually. Think about Tol Barad in Warcraft. At first you couldn’t move out there without getting ganked. Then you could do the quests in a group. Then you could solo them without much trouble. After the Molten Front came out you could just walk around there without a care in the world.

    I think the way around it is to find a better solution than simply having PvP and PvE servers (almost everyone on the PvP servers complains while leveling, and I can’t really blame them because it does suck to have a group of end-game characters beating on your level 25). Start thinking up ideas like a hybrid model where you can turn PvP off if you’ve been dead/in a rest zone for more than five minutes. Not the greatest solution but I’m sure ther’es got to be a better way of doing things than this.
    Maybe give all players two sets of stats, PvE and PvP. The PvE changes like normal, but the PvP stats cap out based on the level difference between you and your target (a level 50 in top notch gear would consider a level 25 easier than a fresh 50, but they’d still have to actually fight which means the lowbie can escape or, at least potentially, win). It wouldn’t solve the imbalance issues but it’d mean lowbies could rally together and fight back.

    • World PvP will always happen, short of rolling to a different server but this issue isn’t about that. It’s more high-end, encouraged PvP events like BGs where faction imbalance is just causing it to be a clusterf*ck and downright not-fun for players in the Republic faction. WoW attempted to balance it out in Wintergrasp by grossly buffing up the outnumbered team, but it’s imperfect at best.

  • All of this seems to only apply if you live and breathe this game. Seriously, if there are problems at level 50 PVP, why not level another class while you wait for the problem to settle down / Bioware undertake social engineering?

    I speak as someone who has owned this game for a week and played about 7 hours.

  • This always happens to the good side in an MMO.

    Haven’t developers learn to my the good side attractive enough?

  • Man when GW2 hits it’s going to be insanely popular, a highly polished full MMO experience, thousands of hours of content, robust social elements with no monthly fee.

    Swtor will tank.

  • The thing is – many people are commenting that BioWare appear to have put more work into the Empire storylines than those of the Republic – especially the sith warrior and sith inquisitor.

    Now if BW made Wookies a playable race, I think you’d see quite a few people creating one – along with lots of driods missing limbs.

  • Well it is star wars….the republic is always gets the shorter end of the stick…but hey if you can’t hack it being the underdog…..playing the good side may not be for you!!!

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