The Taipei Game Show Is Looking To Go International

TGS, no not the Tokyo Game Show, but instead the Taipei Game Show is closing today in Taipei, Taiwan.

In its 10th year the Taipei Game Show is looking to attract more visitors by becoming more international. Companies such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Mircrosoft have set up large booths to show off their latest wares. Over 300,000 spectators are expected to have attended the show, which was held for the first time in Taipei's Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Sony show cased a bevy of Vita games and accessories in their massive PlayStation booth and gamers also got to get their hands on Street Fighter x Tekken. Sony also took out a huge space for gamers to try out PlayStation Move with the help of some lovely booth ladies. Not to be outshown, Microsoft's booth showed off Kinect with games such as Kinect Sports: Season 2 and Just Dance 3.

While there wasn't any breaking news to come from the Taipei Game Show, this year marked the first time a game company from the Chinese mainland has attended the show.

The attendance of a mainland Game Company at a Taiwan game convention is significant because it shows MMO's made by the Chinese mainland are looking to expand to the international market.

The Shanghai based company, FireOil Entertainment, based in Shanghai, came to show off their martial arts fantasy game 風雲傳奇 (Feng Yun Chuan Qi or The Legend of the Storm), which will debut in Taiwan in Q2. FireOil hopes that the game will eventually find its way to more countries such as the US and Japan.


    I've always wanted to go to a convention but I never have... for exactly that reason.. seems like just a bunch of perverts with their dslr cameras

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