The uDraw Is Completely Dead To THQ

Blaming the poor sales of the uDraw tablet on a dismal third quarter of 2012, THQ has officially halted production on the device and has plans to eliminate existing stock through retail channels. Hey, isn't Valentine's Day coming up?


    Shouldn't that be 2011? Actually, the whole first half of the first sentence reads clumsily to me. Anyway... I don't think this surprises anyone. I didn't see any real excitement or desires from anyone about this product. Lame attempt to cash-in on the tablet-esque nature of the product.

      Hmm, I'm not sure what financial year he means. If it was a typical June 30 Financial year, 3rd qtr would be finishing in March. Unless THQ run on a 30 March Financial year, then December would mark the end of their 3rd qtr.

    I've already seen them dropping to $40... but you know what, if i see it drop to $20, i might pick one up for my ps3 or 360 :P

      I got my daughter one for Christmas and she loves it. It's a bit awkward for right-handers though because you have to keep the 'A' button held down to draw. Serious oversight considering the majority of the population is right-handed. :P

    Meh, if it is cheap enough I might get one for the kids to play around with

    what kind of word are we living in where they think wired stylus is acceptable.

    I can see this only being good for online Pictionary, and only if Pictionary is free.

      That's what i want it for, just pictionary.. oh and see what that super hero game is like (probably terrible, i know)

    My wife and i got one of these mainly for pictionary and it is quite good has a few issues with picking up your fingers when you draw in finger paint mode. but other than that it is a bit of fun.... My wife will be quite sad to hear about this.

    Requiescat In Pace.

    Nah not really die in hellfire please.

    Has anyone hacked these things for use on pc, ala a wacom? I have no idea what it's pressure sensitivity would be like but probably nowhere near as good as a cheap Bamboo.

    You know what I never understood about this thing?

    Why is there no compatible Drawn to Life game?

    Trying to sell these things is such a paaaain. They should all be incinerated, not "eliminate[d] ... through retail channels".

    THQ are dead to me.

      If they can keep up the Saint's Row goodness, bring back Company of Heroes (and not a browser game, please!), and if Darkstalkers 2 is as good as it looks (really enjoyed the first one), THQ isn't dead to me. But thats a lot of ifs.

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