This Dancing Bear Is My Favorite Part Of Street Fighter X Tekken

One of the only things better than beating a friend at a fighting game is childishly gloating about it and no gloating is complete without an amazing victory dance.

That's why I'm a giant fan of Kuma's victory dance in Street Fighter X Tekken. It's snarky, clownish and exudes a sense of "neener-neener-neener" that's hard to put into words. Seriously, it's a dancing bear.

Watch the video above and make your own conclusions.


    If you can't see the video, refresh.

    And man Kuma is huge, in a fat way. And he has the strangest face I've seen on a bear. Very cartoony, maybe.

    More fun when you use his silly dance to KO someone in the Tekken series :D

    He's got the moves like Jagger...

    I suppose I like the idea that the dancing was mo-capped, possibly by a fat guy... but I abhor the way the clip was looped about a billion times; if I want to watch it again, I'll hit play. Don't waste my bandwidth.

      If you're worried about a few more seconds of extra footage straining your bandwidth, you shouldn't even be browsing Kotaku. Either upgrade your cap, or don't waste everyone else's time with your pointless negative comment.

    Is it just me, or does it sound like Kazuya is screaming "NIGGA" when he gets KO'd by that bear o_o

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