Why The Hell Is Justin Bieber Giving A Shout-Out To 2K Sports?

From the Beeb's official Twitter: "shoutout to @Ronnie2K - everyone follow him. good people. thanks for the good time. the eye will heal. ha."

That's a name-check from Bieber — at 17 million followers, the second-most in all of Twitter — of 2K Sports' Ronnie Singh, the label's digital marketing manager. It immediately followed a tweet from Singh that cc'd all of Bieber's entourage, including his talent manager and his director of security. "They can ball to the bay," Singh said.

So, let's get this straight: a 2K Sports rep says thanks, apologizes for, evidently, giving a pop idol a shiner — to said pop idol's director of security, no less — and gets a retweet and a shout-out from the star. Something smells like motion-capture but what that means exactly, who the hell knows.

Singh did not immediately return a request for comment from Kotaku, nor did 2K Sports representatives.


    Beebs played in the celeb game at the NBA All star break last year. Probably something to do with NBA 2k12

    "thanks for the good time. the eye will heal. ha."

    Sounds like someone ejaculated into the biebz's eye.

    If he winds up as an unlockable character in NBA 2k13......grrrr......cant find the words to describe how mad that'd make me!

    B'Ball, B'Ball, B'Ball OHHHHHHHH!

    Why The Hell Is This blog post here?

      Yeah I was just about to make a comment about how this isn't news.

    "Because it is a media whore"

    See it's easy. One sentence ;)

    So anyone else going to boycott 2K with me if this twat is in anything to do with their games?

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