Apple Reveals The Next iPad

Apple will release a new version of the iPad on March 16, it said today at a press conference in San Francisco.

Our sister site Gizmodo is liveblogging details on the new tablet, which will use Apple's high-definition Retina Display and feature 2048x1536 resolution.

It will be available in black and white, starting at $US499 for the 16GB model. The 32GB model will retail for $US599 and the 64GB model will be $US699. It will run for $US629, $US729 and $US829 with 4G internet connectivity. We will bring you Aussie price details as soon as it's released.

Epic Games President Mike Capps took the stage to announce Infinity Blade: Dungeons, a new game in the mobile series. He said the new iPad has more memory and a higher resolution than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.

Publisher Namco Bandai showed off a flight simulator called Sky Gamblers on the new iPad, which it called "console-quality".

Pictured: Namco's Sky Gamblers, a flight simulator showed off at Apple's conference today. (Image: Engadget)

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the new device a "graphics powerhouse," saying it will be four times as powerful as the last iPad, according to GDGT. It will use an A5X quad-core processor.

Apple says it sold 15.4 million iPads in the last quarter alone.

(Photo courtesy GDGT)


    4G, higher resolution, more memory and faster processor... That all?

      Apparently 4G probably won't work here.

        4G is already working here.

          It doesn't support the frequency for telstra's 4G network yet.

    Will it pleasure me sexually and make toast the next morning??

      Unless it also learns to wash its hands I'm not sure I'd want a smart fleshlight making me toast.

      I see this article and your question and this immediately came to mind :P

    its still only a 5mp camera. are you @#%&ing kidding me? seriously? and 16 32 64? should be 64 128 256 by now apple.

    god forbid you actually advance the NEEDED aspects...

      ^ This man has a point. I think this is our "incremental" year. We'll probably get something significantly better NEXT year......

        They didn't want to make it a 's' model after the backlash over the phone.

      How will more megapixels help you?
      A lens of that size is already exceeded by 5 megapixels. You could put a higher megapixel camera in, but all you will get is less light sensitivity and more noise and bigger files to have to move about.
      Even if you are printing your photos, that gives you invisible pixel structure at larger than A3 size. What on earth are you going to do with bigger than 5MP photos that you can take handheld with a tablet?

        by saying 5mp is that all, what he is really saying is that he has no idea how a camera works and like 90% of consumers out there that also have no idea about camera quality, assume it comes from the megapixels.. *sigh* i feel your pain.. if only people understood f-stop as marketing we would actually see better camera quality in mobile devices

          My phone has an 2Megapixel camera - is that good? hahaaaaaaaaaaa

    Hahahaha, is that it?

      4 times the resolution and 4 times the speed? Yep. I expect each of your posts to get 4x better PurpleStain :P

      Hahaha. PurpleStain.

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