Awesome Lady Turns NERF Guns Into Video Game Guns

Nerfenstein - more boringly known as Aesthetic Nerf Mods Australia - takes regular old NERF guns and, with a little customisation and paint work, turns them into replica weapons based on those found in video games, movies and comic books. Replica weapons you can shoot a kid in the face with and not feel that bad about.

Some of the games featured include Portal, Fallout and Mass Effect, while there are also weapons from Akira, Blade Runner and Stargate.

GirlyGamerAU [DeviantArt, thanks April!]


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    ok those look really damn awesome.

    These are really cool ^_^ Portal Gun looks so Awesome.

    "Replica weapons you can shoot a kid in the face with and not feel that bad about."

    Well to be fair to the warnings on NERF blasters it's shoot anywhere BUT the face :P

    Some great work there though. Much more than just a new paint job on a whole lot of 'em. Man NERF is awesome.

    Johnson Arms vs GirlyGamerAU

      Don't be starting a battle with my buddy! :) I think a lot o Nerfenstein and consider he a good friend. I hope you guys will support her and the awesome work she does.


        Pretty awesome for glorified 40k terrain artists.

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