Blizzard Reveals New Custom Challenge Mode For Starcraft II

Anyone who has ever played any multiplayer game seriously to any degree will have those days — days when it seems like you're simply getting destroyed one game after another. On days like those, Blizzard's new custom game — Starcraft Master — are a godsend, providing you with the chance to increase your skillset without the intensity of a multiplayer match.

Starcraft Master is a series of challenge modes designed to "tax your knowledge and your ability to control your forces." Think of them as super advanced tutorials that exist to refine your existing skill set and push things up a notch.

These challenges will apparently "demand your utmost concentration to prevail" and "help you hone your unit micro-management skills in situations which mimic real battles". The challenges range from "“kiting” a single unit, to managing incoming damage and maximizing unit abilities, to controlling a mix of units to obtain victory over a superior enemy force".

You can find more information on this new challenge mode here.

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    Listening to BunBun playing this was hilarious. Not least because I'd done some of them with ease compared to him.

      All of my hate...

      For those who don't know, I was playing this on the weekend on the US while on TeamSpeak with Blaghs and a handful of other people from around here.

      I spent 3 hours doing the first 26 sections and then rage quit the 27th level (where you kite 10 marines with a single Banshee) after two hours.

      I wanted to stab a kitten after that.

      Blaghs might have done them rather easily, but he was doing everything in single player, lag free, while I was dealing with quite a bit of lag.

        For the record, I managed to beat the Banshee level the next day after about 15 minutes. Hold position micro is infinitely easier than trying to use attack move. That way the intellectually misguided woman piloting the Banshee doesn't decide to fly backwards to try and shoot the marines but instead just turn backwards while still moving forwards.

        Haven't done the last two levels (kite two Zealots with three Marines and dropship microing a Siege Tank vs Stalkers).

          What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

            Why Banshee pilots should all be taken round back and shot.


            In the face.

            With a cannon.

              Whoa, dude, dude, are we cool, yo? Because it sounds like somebody needs a hug.
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              At first you think it's not cool, yo, but then you see it's to help them.
              And then at the end, you won't believe it, the sloth in blue pajamas hugs the sloth in pink pajamas! Twist ending, dude. This is Haley Joel Osment meets Bruce Willis, yo.

              Link, yo -

              90210, yo, a.k.a “The Best Rapper Alive”.

                I spell it "pyjamas" because I have to; I spell it "pajamas" because I like to. Pajamas is more like bananas, and that's so 90210, yo.


          The tank/dropship one is about a trillion times harder online than off. I did it first go offline, took me about half an hour online because I wanted that achievement damnit!

            Nah man, it's easy, you just need to anticipate the lag, and click to pick up the tank before you drop it. EASY. :/

    So glad the portrait reward for this is just some Banelings. If it was something decent I'd have to redo the whole thing again on my SEA account and I just don't think my body will cope with the build up of rageahol.

    Pretty tough, but I make 25 rounds for portrait

    It's interesting to see that a lot of the people I've seen with the achievements from this (can tell easily due to proud displays of new portrait) are only in Gold League or below. This means either: the challenges aren't hard enough, the challenges do not augment the skill of a player in an actual match, or perhaps micromanagement is not the right area for a player to be focusing on when they want to improve beyond Gold League (which has been demonstrated consistently since the game's release). So I guess apart from having a bit of fun, lower-League players really shouldn't bother trying to use these challenges to improve until they brush up on their other skills in the game.

      Or higher level players don't really care abut this kinda thing and just play regular matches.

        NaDa was playing this yesterday on his stream.

      You can macro your way to Diamond. I'm in Plat (barely, really should be Gold) and I don't do much more than macro, try to scout and then 1-A.

      Considering you can do these over and over again until you succeed, it shouldn't be too hard for a Gold or lower player to be able to get through 25 of the 30 levels for the portrait.

      The difference is that when a Gold player focuses on their micro for something like this, it's at the expense of their macro. So they're setting themselves up to lose in a few minutes if their opponent was just macroing behind whatever was going on.

        Yeah that's the point I was getting at; Gold players are much better off NOT doing anything to micro at all, until their macro mechanics are hammered into their muscle memory.

        I'm actually in Plat as well, but due to my BW history I do have some semblance of micro mechanics, simply because I'm used to having 120+ apm and need some way to vent it out.

    Ohho, about time this came out. Too bad my SC2 buddy is off in NZ or something for a fortnight.

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