Cut It Out, Journey Soundtrack. You’re Making Me Embarrass Myself

Cut It Out, Journey Soundtrack. You’re Making Me Embarrass Myself

Argh! Cut it out, Journey soundtrack! I’m trying to look cool here, and you keep giving me goosebumps and making me stare wistfully into the middle distance!

For a nice relaxing bit of listening at the start of tonight’s Kotaku Melodic, I thought I’d share one of my favourite of composer Austin Wintory’s pieces from the insanely beautiful new PS3 game Journey.

This is a game that I really, truly loved, and which I have come to admire more and more the farther I get from the first time I played it.

This track, apparently called “Apothesis,” plays from… well, who cares where in the game it plays. It plays during the journey. Wintory himself is so cool that he actually went onto the YouTube page for each of the uploads of his song to thank people for sharing his music, and to assure them that the actual album would be available for purchase soon.

When it is, I’ll be sure to let you know. Though I don’t even know if I could sit around listening to this with my friends without getting all emotional and making a fool out of myself.

Okay, just listen to it.


  • I would be amazed if this doesn’t hit PSN within a few weeks, Sony have been very good with releasing Game Soundtracks through the store and the Flower OST has been released… so it’s a free money no-brainer.

    • If you buy a soundtrack off PSN is it DRM’ed at all? I.e. can I just play it on my PS3? Or can I copy it to wherever I like (PC, phone, whatever) and play it there?

      • Not that I’ve seen, what you download though is like a Zip file/Application though, you install the file and then run it, it then asked you to install it, which is basically unpacking the file and once completed to exit the application, you have to go via the XMB.

        At that point the soundtracks shows up under the Music icon and you can delete the originally download file, that’s it and again I don’t recall seeing anything that hasn’t been in the 320kps mp3 format. Then just grab your USB drive and you are away!

  • @Braains

    The previous OSTs from PSN are kinda like installers which extract the mp3 onto the PS3’s Music folder. Once extracted, you can copy the mp3s anywhere else.

  • Apotheosis (not Apothesis, which has a totally different meaning!) means “the exaltation of a being to a divine status”. From that point it should be fairly easy to figure where in the game this song plays 🙂

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