Donkey Kong Was NOT ON SEGA, OK?

Part of me wishes they still made video game commercials like this. Less sanitised cinematics, more F**K YOU COMPETING COMPANY. It's childish and brash, sure, but also a lot more fun.


    Stumbled on this just now on a forum.... seems fitting.

    Personally I like this snarky 'up yours competing company' ad more. . .

    Also if I'm not mistaken this was the ad that started the smack talk trend in video game advertisements. . .?

    "The first fully rendered videogame ever"

    Uh, marketing people, that didn't mean what you thought it ded. Assuming you mean "Fully Rendered on an SGI workstation" I suppose it's possible. If you just meant CGI, though, I think Myst and his friends would like to have words with you.

    I remember seeing this when it aired, though. It wasn't a breath of fresh air, it was Nintendo finally taking shots at SEGA. They deserved it, considering how ignorant SEGA's commercial campaign was, claiming to be the soleproprietor of processing during the blanking portion of the cycle and the like. BLAST PROCESS THIS, YOU WANKERS.

    Battle between two Mega Companies. Sega and Nintendo. Who would have thought that today those two companies are struggling to stay around and are getting beaten by mobile games. Could anybody have predicted that happening.

      Nintendo are hardly struggling

        And Sega is publishing games on mobiles.

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