Fired Kane & Lynch Reviewer Gets The Last Laugh, 5 Years Later



    So um do you maybe wanna add some text? Explain the situation maybe? Seriously Kotaku :|

      Actually you're a tad late you know...

        What? This story explains that CBS purchased GiantBomb, CBS own GameSpot, thus suggesting that once again Jeff is an employee of the same parent company when the K&L review went down.

        The "last laugh" refers to the fact that even though he was fired, CBS have just rehired him, something that generally doesn't happen after being fired, nothing more.

          All I see is a reused photo, no text...

            I'm guessing the photo is covering the text for you then, new format might not like some devices then

            All I see is a photo, too. This seems to happen every now and then with the mobile site. I just load up the full site to read it.

    To be honest, I can see why he was fired. Kane and Lynch was a bad game, but he was clearly upset when he reviewed it and he wasn't an impartial reviewer, he went from reviewing the game to attacking it personally, and I can see why they took offence to it. Clearly he couldn't justify his actions so he ended up being fired. I don't think it was corporate selloutedness, I think he was just doing a poor job.

    Plus, he gave Brutal Legend a 3/10. Personally, I give that game an 8/10, but I can understand giving it something as low as 5/10. But a 3/10? Really? Come on dude, you're just a reviewer troll.

      Troll reviewer aside, if he didn't like the game and he attacked it, he is a reviewer and should have that option.

      The problem is then when the company that distributes the game (Edios) come along and say to your boss, we don't like the review of our game and we are going to pull all our advertising in the future. Jeff gets fired, the advertising money is safe and the future we are left with is that the average score becomes a "7" and reviews begin to become paid advertisements. We've heard rumours in the past where certain reviews can only be published before an embargo if it gets 9 or above.

      Controversial reviews get people's attention and more clicks, I guess.

      What are you talking about? Jeff Gerstmann didn't review Brutal legend, it was Ryan Davis who gave it 3/5 stars

    Ummm, it was never actually established that Gerstmann was sacked due to his Kane and Lynch review. It's the popular belief, but neither Gerstmann nor Gamespot actually confirmed this to be the case. For all we know he could have been sacked for looking at porn while at work.

    To me, it would seem kind of strange for Gamespot to sack him for the review, but leave the review (and video review) up on the site and unedited. I get the feeling there was more happening behind the scenes that the public was been privy to.

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