Japan’s Craziest Religious Game To Ascend Again

Japan’s Craziest Religious Game To Ascend Again

In El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron you are guided by a pre-fall Lucifer who carries a phone with God on his speed dial.

Inspired by the Old Testament’s Book of Enoch, you star as Enoch himself, a human called to heaven in order to help God round up seven fallen angels in order to prevent the flood that would wipe out mankind.

The result was an oddly beautiful, and unique game. And it looks like there is going to be more of it.

A teaser website launched, with the tagline: “Who is the greatest angel according to God?” The website reads “El Shaddai new project website is open” under the section marked “update”.

So look forward to El Shaddai resurrecting itself sometime in the future!

エルシャダイ新プロジェクトプレサイトオープン! [El Shaddai]


    • Unlike a lot of his articles this one is actually game related news.

      I had no idea it just became so fashionable to hate on the Kotaku journalists indiscriminately.

      • Yeah, hating became popular and now the tag-along chums don’t bother reading the article to see if it’s any good, they’ll just hate unnecessarily.

  • Popular? More like retarded. Constructive criticism is helpful, mindless hate is not. And I’m pretty sure none of the US guys sees these comments anyway.

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