Legos, Gameboys And Transformers Collide In This Toy Of Our Dreams

If I had to sum up my favourite things from my childhood, this would be it EXACTLY. Lego: the best kid's toy — bar none. Soundwave: the awesomest and most imitated Decepticon. And Game Boy: the first handheld gaming system that didn't suck. (I'm looking at you Tiger Electronics.)

And Lego builder Julius von Brunk has managed to merge all three into a single Lego creation that has me reaching for my credit card, even though I doubt they'll sell it. Domaster and Tetrawing, as they call it, is a near perfect Lego replica of a Game Boy, complete with insertable batteries and game cart. But it transforms into a perfect Soundwave clone, complete with its own version of Laserbeak from the Tetris cart. I need building instructions, and I need them now. [MOCPages via GoNintendo]

Republished from Gizmodo.


    The plural of lego is lego, dammit.

      Damn straight. I hate it when people call it 'legos' It makes me want to smack them in the face with a brick.

        I second this

      I have read none of the content of the article. I opened it with the intent of making this very point.

        Indeed. While the model in question is amazing, I do want to throw a house at the next person who adds and 's' to LEGO. And not a LEGO house either, a real one.

    holy freaking crap!!

    Holy f*** this is cool!!

    This news post is old... like 48hrs old.
    Awesome lego creation all the same though.

    My only gripe is that the original GB had four batteries, not two :P

    Very impressive, but he should have used either the small radar dishes you get in space sets or the barrel lids (what he used for the top of brown part of the batteries) for the A and B buttons.

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