One Gorgeous Built-In Desk PC, Courtesy Of IKEA

IKEA is known for its low-cost, low-quality, do-it-yourself furniture. That, and its meatballs. Since meatballs make lousy computer enclosures, community member Kaxtos went with a Galant unit for the basis of his gorgeous desk-built PC. I'd say it was a wise choice.

Nothing quite this beautiful has ever seen the inside of an IKEA. Kaxtos took the basic Galant right-side desk ($160 at your local Ikea meatball restaurant) and built upon that shaky foundation this masterpiece of a custom PC. It's got shaped wood panels, curved Plexiglas with skillfully sanded decorations, a touchscreen CPU monitor, and tons of blue LED lighting, the hallmark of a proper PC case mod. He even crafted custom light tubes out of PVC pipes. That's ingenuity!

All in all it looks like the entire project from start to finish took Kaxtos a little over a week, or almost as long as it takes to put together a piece of Ikea furniture.

I've always wanted a desk-built custom PC, but then I think about how much I love to change around my furniture and the craving stops. Now and then the urge rises anew, and I live vicariously through folks like Kaxtos here. Thanks Kaxtos!

Project KAPROS - IKEA Galant PC Desk Mod!!! []


    Holy freaking crap, that is awesome! I WANT ONE!!!!

    Ooooh. I wonder about the trade off of better temps due to having the components spread out so far vs the potential for more dust. Looks so good.... well sans leds naturally ;)

    The fans really need dust covers, that system is going to consume dust like a vacuum.

    At least it'll be very easy to see when it needs a clean.

    I dont think anything beats L3P D3SK. It's a long post as he keeps making modifications to it. But you will agree this desk has nothing on L3P D3SK.

      .... not even remotely relevant.

      One is bought from Ikea for $160. The other requires skills and knowledge in welding and metal fabrication. And a build time of 1wk - 10 years depending on how lazy you are.

        I withdraw that last comment, you're absolutely correct.

        In future I'll read the article before allowing the pretty pictures to distract me :P

    He either loves flight sims or is gearing up for Mechwarrior Online.

      Looks like a CH stick to me, FlightSimmer all the way S!

    It's about time got on here.

    That site is by far one of the best for PC gear anywhere.

    Great idea but IMO ruined by placement. I want all the ports visable to the front. i HATE having to reach into the back to plug usb and other device

      So it doesnt look like a mess just have a door covering the ports and it would work great

    I had one of the base desks once. It was awesome.

    I just have a plain Galant desk with the PC holder, a drawer and a cable tray

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