The Ye Olde Pad Versus Arcade Stick Debate...

Call me crazy, but I actually have a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fightstick, in my cupboard, gathering dust. I know, I know. I suck. The problem is, I'm just too comfortable with a regular controller to make the change. This video goes through the trials and tribulations of making the transition, and is a must for anyone who has any interest in fighting games. You will relate!

Now that Street Fighter X Tekken has been released, maybe it's time for me to bust out the arcade stick and learn properly? I'd say I'm mediocre on the stick and slightly above average on the pad, so it's hard to try and relearn when you're so comfortable on the controller.

What about you guys — for fighting games do you prefer arcade sticks or pads?


    Sure Mark, you brag you're slightly above average, but let me get out Yoshimitsu and wipe the floor with you on anything.

      Not sure if serious.

    Okay, you're crazy. Now what was the article about?

    I can relate, I have the SF IV TE fightstick as well. Never use it. But that's mainly because I rarely bother to fire up a fighter that often, since Namco ruined Soul Calibur for me and I'm utterly uninterested in SF4 or Tekken.

    I go through a similar thing.
    I have a simple Hori stick that I used for MVC3 / UMVC3. But it's a pain to get it out of the drawer, hook it up, clear space on the desk for it, and use it, so often times when I'm just casually playing, I'll use gamepad. The problem is, the buttons on the stick press instantly, whereas there is a delay on the gamepad. This affects the timing of when I press the button in relation to when I do the QCF movement.

    The thing is, when I get used to the arcade stick, I go back to the gamepad, and vice versa.

    Oh, also, totally First World Problem.

    Some of the best players in the world use a pad instead of a stick. As long as you have a decent quality pad (so no stock Xbox 360 controller for little Billy!), then it's really just a matter of practise.

    I learned to play Street Fighter in the arcades and on Dreamcast with a stick. So I simply can't play with a pad. Just can't get it to work for me. My housemate learned to play with a Sega Saturn style controller, so when he has one of those in had (Mad Catz makes a pretty good controller in that shape), I can't beat him.

    I can rarely beat him anyhow, but that's beside the point :p

    Really, just go with what's comfortable for you. Having an arcade stick won't make you better, but it does make you look like a sick nerd baller.

      I loathe the stock 360 pad, but it's what I use and people often think I'm lying through my teeth when they ask if I'm on stick and I tell them I'm not.

    I prefer a fighter designed around a controller, not an arcade stick. I shouldn't have to buy a peripheral just to play a game properly. How would you like it if a new FPS came out on 360 that required a mouse and keyboard?
    It's why I couldn't get into SF4, but I could easily get into Mortal Kombat.

    ...I mean, not Mortal Kombat, nobody in Australia bought that game...

      Playing a fighter with a stock controller? Oh god no, I feel sorry for you. Get a gamepad if you want to play a fighter.

      Except mortal kombat was designed for arcades as well... the home releases came waaaay after

    Game pad all the way. Sticks just never seem precise enough for me
    (i.e. pulling the joystick to the right sometimes translates as an up+right or down+right input ..same issue with analog sticks. They're fine for platformers and fps, but fighting games, especially the 2d-variety just demand more accurate inputs)

    ye = the. Y represents the now obsolete thorn letter (รพ), it's pronounced like the modern th.

    Your title is essentially "The The Olde Pad Versus Arcade Stick Debate"

    Sorry... I saw it on QI one night and have been dying to tell someone. You've provided me with that opportunity, Mark. :-)

      Technically it should be The "Ye Olde Pad Versus Arcade Stick" Debate. Sticking quote marks around it make it make more sense while still making use of the thorn.

    Depends on the game.... With SF4 I think you can get away with pad but SFxT is a little different and I think it's more suited towards sticks.

    I proved to myself over the weekend that I'm a pad player all the way. Standing at a distance trying to do a qcf+p and just punching the air looking like a goof. Good times.

    "Call me crazy, but I actually have a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Fightstick, in my cupboard, gathering dust."

    Well, if you're not using it, I'll happily take it off your hands...

    mark i'd really like a madcatz tournament stick... but could never afford it...

    maybe you could.. let me help you by um... letting me look at your stick... for a little while... or forever... whatever...

      although, i play Ultimate marvel 3 with a pad good enough on pad... it's more fore games like street fighter that use six buttons that i'd like to use it.

    I've got 4 Madcatz sticks. 3 of them rare variations. A lot of money but then SSSFIV is where it all goes towards.



    use whatever you prefer, who cares.

    I grew up on street fighter and tekken in the arcades before I was able to get them on consoles. Not trying to glote but I was honestly very good back in the day and got pretty far in alot of tournaments. Iv always preferred real arcade sticks as I was pretty violent in the Alpha series linking in supers with combos. Ie. Doing 2x360 degrees etc was much quicker on the arcade stick. Home arcade sticks could never be pinned down well enough for me to make a move from a gaming pad at home though. Tekken and its double taps vs street fighter analogue moves were always a nice translation onto a pad I must say.

    Please make a ps3 wireless hori-10B fighting commander, and there will be no debate!

    everyone here is trash

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