This Game Teaches You To Fight By Having You Stab A Fat Guy In Prison

There's brutal, and then there's brutal — and the combat tutorial in Silent Hill: Downpour is brutal of the italicized variety. Captured by our intern Nick, this video is a tutorial of sorts, depicting the protagonist Murphy Pendleton performing a brutal prison murder on an unarmed, nearly naked fat guy. All while teaching players how to wield melee weapons.

(Viewer discretion is advised here, folks — the video is exceedingly violent. Also, a few early-game spoilers follow.)

As Nick describes it, the scene's setup implies that the victim is a pedophile of some sort — Pendleton's line about being neighbours with him implies some sort of history. Furthermore, Pendleton "wakes up" after killing this guy, so it was all a dream. No worries!

But however it's packaged (and whatever reality this scene is occurring in), this is one spectacular and disturbing example of video game violence. There is, of course, always a place for disturbing imagery, and it could well be that the scene feels appropriate in the context of the game. (Owen Good will be reviewing Downpour later this week.)

Either way, I can't think of many games that require players to undertake this kind of visceral, real-feeling murder.


    I can't wait for Downpour. Not because of the dream-murder of paedophiles, but because I have a good feeling it's going to be a decent Silent Hill game. I don't like the idea of the protagonist being an escaped inmate - I kind of felt like the previous protagonists of the Silent Hill games were mostly innocent but made one big mistake, there was a kind of tragedy about them. If we're playing a criminal it's going to have to be well justified for me to sympathise with him.

    clearly a console game, those are terrible graphics in todays standards

      By your logic, Minecraft must be an exclusive to the Game Boy Advance then. Oh, and Amnesia, definitely a console game, probably PS2 or something, am I right?

      BY today's standards...BY!

    So this is what kids are playing these days. . .

      No, its not adult enough for them.. Damn kids.

    And this got past Aussie censors!?

    Most definitely looking forward to playing this despite the lukewarm reviews. Though, I don't think the graphics are that bad. Not everything needs to look like Assassin's Creed or Bioshock.

    Fat guy? a whole bunch of steam everywhere? must be a warning to Gabe Newell.

    Didn't think it was that bad and then I saw the part where he's crawling away and I was like... thats not right

    Sounds good. The last Night in Fantasia concert that Eminence did was annoyingly Sydney only, so this makes us even. ^_^

    Out of all the Final Fantasies though, do we REALLY have to keep hearing the music of FF7...? I swear, they perform One Winged Angel at every single bloody orchestral concert I go to. I was so pleased that the Distant Worlds concert in Sydney last year focussed on some different stuff and didn't repeat the world's most overplayed track... and then they did it as an encore. It's an amazing piece of music, but man, I'm sick of it now!

    Hopefully I'll be there.

      Oops, wrong thread. No way to delete. Disregard. <_<

    Worst animation....

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