World Of Warcraft Image Could Tease Cross-Faction Gameplay

World of Warcraft creator Blizzard will make a big announcement about its popular MMORPG in two weeks, the website BlizzPlanet reports. They've dug up an image that seems to hint at some sort of cross-faction gameplay reveal. [BlizzPlanet]


    Wow is really starting top look its age.

    In what way does this image show cross faction gameplay? Looks like an alliance gnome in the gnomeregan dungeon.

      I agree, what am I missing here?

    Open the link, I think Kotaku is using a stock photo

    The dug-up image isn't this gnome one.

    I suppose it would have taken too much effort to edit the new image to fit the page rather than just using a stock photo.

    Umm... doesn't the image in the source seem surprisingly consistent with this:!

    "Soon we fly together again", refering to the revamp in the Scroll of Resurrection programme.

      Yea, just saw this post on WoWs page..

      Figured it was the same thing...

    Unless the announcement is about the gane going free to play, I dont care. I've moved on to swtor and im not going to pay for two mmos. Its time for the change.

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