Gabe Newell’s Opinion About EA’s Steam Competitor Is Full Of Awkward Pauses

Gabe Newell’s Opinion About EA’s Steam Competitor Is Full Of Awkward Pauses

Valve Software boss Gabe Newell has said kind things before about mega-publisher EA’s upstart rival to Valve’s popular PC gaming service Steam. That may have seemed charitable, given that EA’s new Origin service competes with Steam and even by EA’s own standards may not be as good as Steam for years.

So, how’s Gabe liking Origin these days?

Seven Day Cooldown‘s Jack Inacker asked Newell that during their fantastic hour-long interview with the Valve honcho. It starts well, and ends amazingly. Give it a listen in the clip up top, which was provided to us by 7DCD.

Short version: he says EA’s team of smart people on Origin has a lot of catching up to do. Newell does say he still would love to have EA games on Steam again. The big ones are Origin-exclusive these days. But it’s the moments when Newell isn’t speaking or is struggling to say something nice that say so much more.

This Origin bit is just a small piece of the podcast. There’s much more in it. We’ve also told you about Newell shooting down Valve-Apple rumors and about something called “Ricochet 2”. But, come on! Listen to the whole thing. This podcast episode was a stellar debut by the Seven Day Cooldown folks.

Episode 001 — The Tangy Zip of Gaben (April-16-2012) [Seven Day Cooldown]


  • I used origin with the mandatory BF3. EVERY time I try to log in I have to do a password reset and this takes me a extra 5 minutes of mucking around. Then it has to update and then I can my game. Then give up 30min later when I cant get a game with decent connection (if you can find that out). I cant buy any EA game that are going to be like this. I hope they are taking note of how much time is being played via origin V steam and then start to offer both sets of games on both. Otherwise no more EA games for me. Would really like to have played Mass effect 3 and Cryisis 3 if it becomes an Origin Exclusive (meaning no sale for me).

  • Though I have not used Origin yet I remember steam being a peace of unworkable crap for the first few years so Origin might amount to something of a competitor….eventually. No doubt one day I will HAVE to use it, then they will have a super trip fantastic sale or something and them I’m hooked. Hopefully they realize soon that I don’t buy anything digital for over $50 and begin to cater for me and my cheep arsed brothers and sisters.

    • Yeah except people like you need to realise that Origin is NOT NEW!!! It’s the same client EA have been using for years. They literally only renamed it and changed the grey/green colour scheme to grey/orange with a few animation changes.

      Also, if EA are willing to region price their own games on a digital platform, what makes you think they’ll ever hold a decent sale?

    • The thing is you can be a piece of crap if your first to the market. Anyone entering after that should be looking to at least try and match the market leader.

      And considering EA could probably throw money at the thing to achieve that position it is pathetic that they haven’t.

      I mean consider the different company stand points when they launched there services

      Valve had only made a couple of games used their first real sequel to push out a service no one had ever ha before and sure it was pretty fucked(I remember getting hl2 for Xmas and taking 2 weeks before I could play the thing)

      EA powerhouse in the industry. Rebranding it’s old EA download manager program(since origin is just an evolution of it) failing to provide a comparable service to steam(and this is ignoring it’s regional BS) being abused as a way to ban players from playing SP(it never should have happened period,regardless of if they have now fixed it)

      Valves was created as a service it would remove the need for manual patching while EA’s remains a let’s see if we can get a bigger slice of the DD market

    • I don’t disagree with Steam being a horrible client in the early days. The difference is Steam was doing something new at the time. Origin is not doing ANYTHING new, and has many competitors to look at for business decisions and direction.

  • I don’t mind using Origin, I haven’t had too many issues with it apart from some login troubles, the thing that disappoints me most is pulling games off Steam. I’d look upon Origin with kinder eyes if they didn’t have to employ tactics like that.

    • This is the reason I still haven’t played BF3, and don’t intend to until they release it on steam. I wont be holding my breath.

      • YEAH! Take a stand! Don’t ever buy or play any of your favorite games unless you can get them from a webservice you prefer!

  • SO when is Gabe gonna stop stuffing his face and improve steam support, or the download manager? Hell being able to play games if there’s a payment issue would be nice too.

  • I only got Origin for the sake of BF3 otherwise id never touch it again. Which is the case now, abandoned bf3 i have no beed of origin now. love you forever steam!

  • The nice thing about Steam is that it is happy to encourage new & established developers to develop new & fun games for people, whereas Origin is more about selling & controlling their tired and insipid “brands”.
    As for Half Life 3: although the ending of HL2:E2 has left me aching for a chance to stick a crowbar into those flying maggots – I think I would understand if they didn’t go through with it.
    Valve were always looking to push boundaries with each new Half Life episode – but has Half Life outlived its usefulness as a vehicle to enable them to do so?
    I wonder if the story may have literally and metaphorically hit an iceberg – and the experience now looks dry when comparing it to its direct progeny Portal, or its many, indirect, descendants (e.g. Bioshock, Fallout 3, Dead Space, etc. etc.).
    Or they can let Bioware take up the story… complete with awkward Alyx & Gordon romance scene (HEV suit stays on), and an ending where Gordon can die in 3 ways, and Alyx lives happily ever after with d0g on a desert island.

  • Origin’s okay compared to the piece of garbage that is GFWL.

    I own Batman on windows live and have tried imnumerable times to download successfully. Yes it will suck 10GB out of my internet cap. But will it work?

    Of course not. That would make sense. Absolutely piece of garbage that I’ll never use again.

    • trying to play fallout, it requires BOTH the fallout disc to be in the computer, AND being connected to windows live. Over the top.

  • Origins key problem will always be its product selection. Sure I used it for BF3 but I can’t see myself just loading origin to see if there’s anything good on sale

    • You’re a criminal mastermind. Don’t deny you’d copy the game for your friends!! Or worse lend it your friends.. or even worse trade it in to buy more games.

      You people make me sick!

  • Steam has had no login issues etc for me. It’s just a pain that it stops you dead in your tracks while it updates things unlike steam where it will login etc even if it isn’t up to date.
    Point that gets me though is all Origin is, is another launcher for your games and a store front. It does that crapily though and hence it has no point. EA has done it what to cut steam outta its profit? Well no steam or origin for EA games would have the same result.
    Plus anything that is not EA that is available on it is also on Steam so really if you use Steam your are getting all games except EA games so it is a pointless fragmentation. It’s not like having a wii, ps3 and 360 where each have exclusives. You have a PC and steam only EA is not available.
    Gabe I think realises it will never out do them but he is ethical without ducking the questions hence his pauses.

  • It’s not that origin is particularly bad, it’s just that it’s only where steam was back in 06-07, and valve continue to try out new directions. I don’t really seeing other services getting anywhere until they actually provide the solid core features most steam users take for granted. EA seem to be actively trying to shoot themselves in the foot with this one, deliberately fracturing their community services between origin and BF3, as well as having multiple ‘currencies’, with mass effect DLC prices in ‘bioware points’. At least no one else is taking the Microsoft approach for live, which appears to involve hacking off your own leg.

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