Looks Like Harley Quinn Will Be Hammering Back Into Batman: Arkham City In New DLC

Rumours have been swirling — based on a list of achievements — that Batman: Arkham City will be getting a new story-based add-on that centered on Bat-villain Harley Quinn and The Dark Knight's junior partner Robin. Well, a teaser image released today by the game's official Twitter account seems to point to a future appearance by the Joker's girlfriend.

The shoes in the image look like a match for the footwear Harley wore in her updated Arkham City costume and the character's been known to wield a giant hammer in her various comics and TV appearances, too. Hopefully, an actual announcement — as opposed to more teaser images — comes soon from Warner Brothers Interactive.


    Hopefully we'll finally be able to run around the whole city as Robin and/or Nightwing instead of just Catwoman and Batman! That would be awesome.

      The achievements seem to point towards new story content that takes place after the events of the main game, and the hint is that you'll play as Robin. There's a little hint in regards to what's going on with Harley in the credits after you finish New Game+, as well as in the room you get gassed in the main game if you return there.

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