Harley Quinn Is Back And, Boy, Is She Pissed At Batman

Despite her background as a psychologist, Harley Quinn doesn't seem to be dealing with loss very well. The teaser for the upcoming "Harley Quinn's Revenge" add-on for Batman: Arkham City sees the murderous moll grow even darker, even managing to gun down the Dark Knight.

It's already been leaked that you'll spend part of the time playing as Robin in the story-based downloadable content, and apparently you'll be trying to rescue Batman from Harley's clutches. Harley Quinn's Revenge drops onto Xbox 360 and PS3 — via download or on-disc as part of the Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition — and in two weeks.


    Hope for everyone's sake this is good.

    For me, I finished this game months ago, unlikely to return to it. Guess DLC doesn't work for me.

    Those Reaper noises are in the background again.


    Seems like this content is a real spoiler. Hope it hasn't ruined arkham city for anyone.

      Well, I've bought it and am yet to play it. I didn't see anything that would seem to give away the plot. Hopefully.

      If they haven't played it and are looking at it this late it's their own fault.

    Finally! The story DLC we were promised! Can't wait to take Tim Drake for a spin around the Jokers area in AC. Enjoy playing as Robin in the challenges.

    Is it also coming to PC in 2 weeks?

    It will be a cakewalk for my maxed out Batman.

      Apart from when you are playing as an un-maxed out Robin.

    I can't wait to return to Arkham with something new to do! Hopefully it's a little more expansive than the Catwoman DLC.
    About four hours of gameplay would suffice, I reckon, for ten bucks.
    Will be downloading this on day one.

    My money! Take it!

    Man, awesome time for JB to take 20% off PSN cards :D

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