Pre-Order Cards Show Call Of Duty: Black Ops Arriving November 13

Rumours have pegged this year's Call of Duty as a sequel to the Treyarch-developed Black Ops. Now, an image of US Target pre-order cards running on IGN appears to confirm the title and show a release date of November 13. If you're keeping score, that's one week after Halo 4.


    cant wait so excited!!!

      Can i ask why?

        a) I suspect Dirk is joking
        b) if Dirk is not joking, I suspect you won't care about the response anyway.

    Is this really news anymore? isn't there a new CoD out every November?
    Then again I suppose the average CoD fan isn't smart (or old) enough to notice yearly trends...

      You're a tosser. The end

        Jordi please leave Kotaku and never return! You are not contributing here.

      Well "new CoD" isn't "real news" (although still worth reporting, despite your prejudice) but we are still without an official confirmation of what the title of the next one is.

    I don't understand why people have to put this game down all the time. Obviously there's demand for it and people love it the way it is. I'm personally an rpg fan but i've got mates who are not that into gaming except for fifa and cod and they love it...

      Freedom of speech. Why can't they? If people can praise it, then people can bag it. You cannot justify having one without having the other.

        Because most people are really rude when they do it.

          Indeed, and it's a good point, but the point still stands that people should be entitled to their opinions regardless. I've seen pro people as bad and ignorant as the negatives alas.

            I agree that everyone can bash/praise whatever they want, freedom of speech is important, but it does get to the point where people are horribly vulgar in putting down both the game and the players, inversely those praising get to disgusting levels in putting down people who are putting down their game. In the real world, if this conversation was occurring as it occurs online, there would be some form of intervention from a position of authority just to keep the peace. Ultimately this is the internet and if you're fighting with someone who hates/loves something you're going to get nowhere, so sometimes it just seems like we should keep hate comments that add nothing out of the conversation.
            In this situation, if I were to "bash" this game because I felt the last one lacked a proper ending (I haven't played a second of Black Ops btw so this may be unfounded) there is a high chance that I would be shouted down about how I'm a fag for not liking CoD. Whilst my comment may have been to add to the discussion, the responses would not so in order to keep these out of it, best not to bother commenting. Back to edman's point, why bother putting down this game, it's successful and if you don't like it, don't buy it

              I agree wholeheartedly, unfortunately this is where restraint comes in, and moderation. Forums need to be moderated to remove idiots like that. While freedom of speech does exist, there's also rules of performance to be kept in mind as well :) can't behave and keep in line? Have your opinion but don't reduce yourself to names like, as you said 'fag' etc. I agree with every single word you said. I stopped playing on XBL because of idiots like that, I stopped playing online on the pc because of the same, Im a singleplayer gamer now unless playing specifically with mates I know. It sucks but its gone that way :\

                I think we're in the same boat, I hate online gaming because of that, the worst thing in the world for me atm is achievements in multiplayer, I just can't bring myself to get them because of this. I'm glad to finally encounter someone who understands how to the internet should work!

        Freedom of speech doesn't exist in Australia.

          There is an implied freedom of political communication. Fundamentally you're right, there is no legal right to be a CoD-bashing tosser. Nor is there a moral right to do so. But I'd say there's a moral right to express an opinion reasonably, including that you dont like CoD.

            There is also this:

            but it's more than open to interpretation what thy gives you in reality.

            Regardless of the law, if you're going to be a rude moron, Shut up.



    Oh new cod game in november? Big surprise.

      COD has nothing on leftover pizza...

        BBQ Bonanza with Hollandaise and Chorizo? You're damn right.

    I think if there was no COD every year that be the biggest surprise no one would expect.

    How can they make a sequel to black ops?

      Infinity Ward have made 2 sequels to Modern Warfare, so it goes to show after that many sequels they seem to be strafing rather than moving forward and doing something new.

      Kind of reminds me of Julia Gillard, she talks about moving forward yet has done next to nothing to prove that (well maybe besides the NBN).

      Sorry, ending post hijacking rant now.

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